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Friday, 31 October 2008


God I have that feeling again...I am not going to sleep tonight, it is 11pm and I am still up, have been scrapping for a couple of hours and I want to scrap some more...why...because I have fresh Halloween photos, gorgeous new Halloween papers from K and Co and I LOVE Halloween!!!

So I took photos tonight of the kids dressed up and have scrapped one of them already

Oh and have been listening to Most Haunted LIVE all night whilst scrapping...that has got to be the biggest pile of shite...apologies to all Most Haunted Fans but I would rather listen to hmm something decent....although saying that if everybody liked the same thing life would be pretty dull....lets embrace differentiality!!!

1 comment:

Shirl said...

Hi Esther

I am always trailing up the rear!! I have only just realised you are on the DT for Beary Box too. I haven't been home or on the computer much for the past few days due to Dr appt's out of town with the kids and for mwah!! Great news - congratulations. I am so looking forward to seeing your first creation! I haven't even started yet! But have a whole day so plenty of time hey! Love this lo Est I can't believe you are scrapping Halloween already! You are just too good gf! Congrats again! xo xo xo Shirl