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Monday, 6 October 2008

Dust Bunnies...

...attached themselves to me today!!!

I finally worked up the courage, threw down the gauntlet and decided it was time to "Do" the girls bedroom...when I say "Do" it usually means an hour and couple of bin bags of crap, McDonald toys and bits of paper that sort of thing.........................OMG....................

Girls accumulate so much crap, and I ended up with four bin bags of rubbish three hours later, although not sure they would have agreed it was all rubbish, which is why I have to be sneaky and do jobs like that when they are at school!!!

Now stupidly I was wearing a pair of black jeans and went under their beds to clear out, when I finally managed to crawl back out, after pulling several muscles in my neck and banging my head on more than one occasion, my black jeans had dust bunnies all over them and I was having difficulty breathing, due I think to dust inhalation!!!
Good job done and although the girls are now investigating upstairs to see what precious memento of their childhood mum has carelessly thrown away I am sat here feeling ready for the next onslaught of Christmas presents, at least they will fit in their bedroom now.

Also managed to finish this layout this afternoon, started it last night, and it has just received the thumbs up from Jack, who has also just informed me that one of his mates is in love with me...kids!!!
The scan is wonky not the page, still suffering from dust inhalation I think!!!
The journalling reads
"Jack you are at a difficult time in your life where you have to start making decisions about your future, don`t worry too much but always Reach High"
Off now to console the girls who don`t sound too happy upstairs...Oh well!!!

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