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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Feeling Fortuitous...

I am in a crazy "sort out and tidy everything up" mood this week...did the front garden and the shed yesterday evening and moved onto my jewellery and my kitchen drawer today...I have one of those kitchen drawers that I shove everything into and when the front fell off it this morning I knew it was time to empty it and sort through all the crap in there...and I am glad I did!!!

Nestling at the bottom was my beloved Samsung Tocca...which I ruined last year by drowning it in Malibu and coke...sent it away to be repaired and came back in a little jiffy envelope with the cause of death...alcoholic poisoning!!! So was going to finally throw it away but thought I would check it one last time and plugged in the charger...to my amazement the little battery charging symbol appeared...managed to turn it on, inserted the sim and my little baby works again...it still has all my photos, music and videos and texts on it and everything works...I am still in shock but a happy shock!!!

So back to the jewellery...which this morning looked like this...

and now looks like this...

I have five of these boxes, courtesy of the pound shop, full with my arm candy and bling, I can see everything, nothing is tangled and I just know that my Mum is going to be so proud of me ;-)...if only the rest of my house was this organised...no more untangling bracelets in the morning and hunting for the perfect ring to match my outfit...god I am a geek, but it probably means I can have an extra ten minutes in bed every day!!!

Had my gorgeous Tilda and Edwin stamps out last night and all those paper scraps again...I am trying to make up for the fact that I spent over £30 on new papers last week...which haven`t arrived yet luckily...and I created these two cards...

And I have just completed this layout using yet more scraps...this is not going to last you know, using all my offcuts, as soon as I get that parcel from craft obsessions I am going to be drooling over my new papers and cutting into them like a crazy masochist!!!

These arrived today...well my neighbour very kindly looked after them for me until I got home from work...My two new 12x12 albums in Hot Pink and Espresso...they were only £6.75 each and you can buy similar here

Also had a play with the camera in the garden tonight and love this shot of my fuschia`s from one of my hanging baskets.

So I have had a terrific Tuesday, very eventful, great lessons but suffered with my toothache today...have been having crazy Tom Hanks style Castaway thoughts of knocking it out with an Ice skate but am just going to take another Neurofen and hope the pain eventually goes away...off now to play with my Touchscreen Tocca...yep I know I am sad!!!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Hot hot hot!!!

The weather that is, oh my god how lovely would it be to sit in the sunshine all day doing nothing instead of working...its very hard to teach embroidery and jewellery making when you are all hot and sweaty and the rooms you are in have no air conditioning...oooh now that would be lovely.

This morning wasn`t too bad, nice relaxing embroidery class and we were sat in a rather cool room with a lovely breeze flowing through, we made these cards, I had forgotten how much I enjoy prick and stitch cards, and none of my students had done them before so its always lovely to teach a new technique...

However my poor students this afternoon were melting in the heat and Est had designed a rather intricate bracelet with seed beads and beading nylon...muwahahaha.

Taught Mia last night how to make Eton Mess and a fine job she did too, must say I was a bit dubious about her using the kitchen knives but with close supervision she excelled...think I have a little Delia there...

Off now to wash my hands in cold water...yet again...its the best way to cool your body temperature down quickly...well it beats sitting in a bath of ice anyway!!!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Wonderful Walking Day Weekend!!!

Not quite 13 miles but yesterday was Padgate Walking day...a traditional parade that takes place every year, and a bloody good excuse to have a really good play with my new camera too, the girls were walking with their school and as Ella is in her final year this was her last walking day...and she did it in style looking so grown up next to Mia.

The streets of Padgate were alive with music and the atmosphere was electric;

After the walk we all went to the fair...luckily no goldfish were won this year but yes I was completely ripped on all the rides but had an absolute scream...literally, on the twister I really thought me and the kids were going to die...its been a while since I have been on a scary fairground ride...last time I think was when I was about 18 and I remember being on a ride with Jacks Dad and my Brother and they were both screaming for their Mummy's!!!

I have injuries too...the kids were leaning that hard against me in the ride that I have horrendous purple bruising on my shoulder...oh the pain!!!

Being in the dodgems reminds me why I don`t drive...laughing too hard to actually steer them and I think Harry crashed into Ella and I far more than we crashed into him!!!

Now that's my kind of car...does all the steering and gear changing for you and not a bloody clutch in sight...and it comes in pink!!!

I love this shot of Mia mid air, I tried so hard to capture shots like this on my compact but when my new baby SLR takes three photos a second I was bound to get one like this...only had to take twenty to achieve it ;-)

I can`t believe she is screaming on an inflatable slide!!!

Close up of me in the sunshine...outside the pub, taken by Phil...My best friends fella and also my favourite of the "Selfish Lovers"

And here I am with my favourite selfish lover...outside the pub!!!

So we ended up in a local pub when we left the fair, the kids were in their element...bouncy castle, swings and pool...mum was in her element too...my friends were there and they did not run out off wine!!! Got home really late as it was such a lovely evening, apart from a flash downpour which left the bouncy castle a little slippery and everyone running inside with their hands over their drinks!!!

Off now to trawl through the 290 photographs I took yesterday and try to decide which ones I want to scrapbook!!!

Friday, 26 June 2009

I am a Bad Girl!!!

Very very bad!!!

I made a promise...a vow not to buy any more crafty items until I had used more of what I already had......but then I had an email from David and Brenda....and I broke my promise...I am such a bad girl but if you check this out you will see why I faltered and got out my debit card ;-)

Also hit Ebay tonight and ordered myself a couple of new 12 x 12 albums, well if I am honest three in total...oops think I got a bit carried away there but I have about ten pages completed just sat on a shelf needing a home so I really "needed" them...honest ;-)

Despite being such a bad girl tonight I had the most fabulous day teaching jewellery making, two classes today, the afternoon class being at St Rocco`s Hospice where I have the loveliest group of students, some of the staff sat in today too and they want me to run some evening classes for them complete with wine and nibbles...my job is the best...spent the afternoon laughing...proper belly laughs and managed a bit of teaching too!!!

Have a busy day ahead tomorrow, the fair is in town...oh yeah...and I am probably gonna be ripped off big time but it is an excuse to get the camera out and take some fab pics of the kids looking terrified on the rides...muwahahaha...

Off now to check out how many albums I can fit on my shelves without rearranging anything!!!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Scrappy ScrapBooking!!!

Managed to complete two layouts last night, only 8x8 pages but I love this size so much because I can use all my scraps, have made a vow to myself that I am not buying anything new...no nothing crafty anyway ;-) until I have used more of what I have, I discovered packs of Basic Grey and Making Memories papers last night that I had not even opened...Oh the shame!!!

I probably have about 5000 sheets of 12x12 papers and so many of those little 6x6 paper pads, all of which I must have loved at one time...I also found a huge box of scraps, that I am trying to use too...both these layouts were completed using just scraps of patterned paper.

My Guys in Chester last month...using basic grey and crate paper:

My Friend Sarah and I from last Friday, using patterned paper I couldn`t even tell you from what company...that's the thing with scrapbooking now it all seems product related...got to have the latest papers when really it should be about the photographs and the memories:

The journaling around the edges of this layout reads "Registration fee: £12...Cowboy hats: £3...Experience...Priceless!!!"

Took some gorgeous photographs today of the most willing little subject, one of my student`s little baby girl, who may I add did not even complain when I woke her up with my camera flash, she just looked at me in shock then gave me the most gorgeous toothy little grin.

I am off now to play about with photo editing...Geek alert!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hair Today!!!

I love my hair!!!

Jack has "restyled" me...I was shampooed, conditioned, cut, dried and straightened and my hair is so sleek and gorgeous...had a fair bit hacked away, my layers on top are now a quarter the length they were but I love it...apparently I straighten it too much (every day...with hair like mine its far kinder to the world to do this) and use the wrong dye!!!

If you straighten your hair its best to use a semi permanent colour rather than a permanent because the straightening process causes the cuticles to wear away and this is where your colour tends to fade if using a permanent, semi`s contain far more conditioners causing the colour to lock in...hey how scientific is that...so headed over to Boots flicking my glam new hair and purchased a semi permanent "Black Cherry" which no doubt will stain the bath, my neck and my nails at the weekend!!!

So I had a lovely day off in the sunshine...the last day off I had it poured with rain all day and my fake tan ran!!! I finished this layout of me this morning, using just paper scraps. Picture is from Friday night:

Had a little play with my camera this morning too because the sun was shining so beautifully and managed to capture these flower shots from my hanging baskets:

I also managed to buy myself a book on Digital SLR photography so will be referencing that a fair bit I think, I can`t wait to understand all the settings on my new baby and know when to use them. Ooh and I got a new top and jewellery and make up too ;-), well it was pay day yesterday!!!

Jack officially left school today, and also found out that he has got an A in one of his GCSE`s...very very proud Mum...well done Jack!!!

Okay I am off to rub some after sun into my burnt bits...yes I have got burnt again!!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tuesday Twitterings!!!

Been having a bit of a play with my new toy, can`t wait to take it out tomorrow and have a proper mess with it...have the day off and I am going to play with the macro and the zoom and quite possibly nip to Waterstones and buy myself a book on photography so I can get to grips with it all properly!!!

So this is the little girl who was far too poorly to go to school today...hmm think she may have made a recovery and will be attending tomorrow...because I have my appointment with "Jack" to have my hair styled....got a text message today to confirm it...how high tech is that!!!

Also made this tonight while I was waiting to leave the house to go to the dentist, had to go for a check up after having the abscess...ended up having an xray, there is still infection present apparently and I have to go back in a couple of weeks for the results and to "see what we can do" the dentists words...why do they speak in code to their dental nurses too...when I asked what was going to happen he patronisingly said "well obviously there is still some infection there as it is still tender"

So I am now thinking oh my god hes going to whip it out as they so pleasantly put it...so back to my arm candy...playing with a few beads and some wire I made this.

I am off now to get a bit of scrapbooking done, I have new papers!!!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Monday Mutterings!!!

Talk about being eased gently into the week, I taught four classes today...one embroidery and three jewellery and I am shattered, had a fabulous day though, we are having a "Time for Yourself" week at work and all the staff get to participate in mini classes that are offered throughout the college, unfortunately I don`t have time to take part in any of these as I am teaching eight of them but met some great people today and was discussing with them that although we all work for the same employer we didn`t really know each other so it was lovely to meet some colleagues and get to teach them too. The result of this...more classes for me, teaching in the evenings starting next week!!!

Also had the dreaded phone call today...from the school...Mia is poorly and laying on the couch as we speak, its times like this that I wonder if being a working mum is really the best thing, I got the phone call from the receptionist, both me and her dad were working all day, my Mum and Dad were off on holiday today and all I could think was my little baby is poorly...Grandad to the rescue...so between classes I nipped to Grandads with a change of clothes, her slippers and her beloved "cassie" the soft toy she takes to bed with her every night...walked in and was greeted with a torrent of vomit all over my trousers...aw bless...so trying to calm her and scrub at my pants at the same time...who said having kids was easy!!!

Just want to say a great big thank you to everyone who sponsored me or has donated to my sponsor fund, my running total is almost £200 so feel like every ache was worth it...going to a fantastic cause and hoping to hand all the money in on Friday.

Off now to chill with the latest Scrapbook Inspirations magazine and work out how I could have possible spent £50 on beads in Hobbycraft this evening!!!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Systematized Sunday....

...Now that is a lovely word wouldn`t you agree...Systematized...(you like that one Geoff?)

I am so bloody organised I don`t quite know what has happened!!!

Most people who know me know that I would like to be organised but it doesn`t happen very often...until today...I slept really badly last night, even though I only had about three hours sleep the night before, I kept waking up and had to get up a couple of times to take painkillers because my thighs felt like they had lead weights crushing them...I can barely walk and am so tired and weepy...I really need to get fit I think ;-)...anyway to take my mind off feeling so bad I decided I would spend the day working...and I have planned every single lesson for this week and completed all my paperwork too!!!

Yes that would be all my lessons and I am also running four mini workshops this week that I have also planned...even I can`t believe how organised I am.

My Scrapbook layout for Thursdays class:

A little tag to attach to the strawberry sundae candles we will be making in my candle making class on Tuesday:

Detached chain stitch daisies on a greetings card for my embroidery class tomorrow:

Crimped wire earrings for my jewellery class tomorrow:

Can you tell the difference in my pictures...was it worth me spending all that money on my beautiful new camera that I have been "playing" with today?

Oh my God I love it, I love the way I can manually adjust the zoom, love how it feels in my hands and I love the noise it makes when I take a picture...I know I am a sad gadget freak....I can`t wait to have a proper play on Wednesday, have the day off and am planning to take it out for a little trip before I have my hair done...oh yes long overdue for a cut and got a half price voucher for one of the posh salons in town for taking part in the Starlight walk...phoned up yesterday and am booked in with Jack who will be styling my hair...I can`t wait!!!

Had a bit of a play with it today, obviously still an amateur but I love these pictures of Ella, who by the way had a fabulous time away with the school and got up to all sorts of amazing activities that I would have loved to have a go at...fencing, quad biking, raft building...but who also bought home the most amazing pile of washing as I predicted...my poor washing machine is exhausted!!!

Strike a pose...

there`s nothing to it...


Okay I am off now, I have a date, a date with a family size bar of Cadbury`s fruit and nut, a glass of Pinot, a terrible glossy magazine and my quilt...now that's how to relax!!!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

I would walk five thousand miles....

...and I would walk five thousand more...That Bloody Proclaimers song has been going round in my head all day and when they wrote that they obviously hadn't actually walked that far because if they had they would know that just 13 miles is enough to make your whole body scream in pain!!!

Starlight sponsored walk completed last night...started at midnight and finally crossed the finish line at 4.30am...oh god it is amazing how one minute your body feels like it going to completely shut down and then the adrenaline pumps through it and forces you on...and the complete and utter shite you talk about with your mates whilst trying to pass the time and ignore the fact that your thighs feel like they are on fire!!! I really feel like I achieved something last night and for such a great cause too...1900 ladies walked and collectively we raised approximately £180,000...how cool is that, the final figure will be released in a few weeks and its estimated to be over £200,000!!!

So here is my lovely medal that we were presented with for completing the walk.

My friend and I raring to go...

and before we left...

Ella captured this quirky pic of me that is begging to be scrapbooked!!!

So I finally walked through my door at 5.30am this morning...the birds were singing, it was daylight and I was sober!!!
Got to bed at just after six and was up again for 10 so now I am flagging a bit especially as I have spent most of the day in town buying fathers day presents, although did end up in the little Italian restaurant with the kids for lunch!!!

However I did pay a little visit to the camera shop and had a very long chat about the pros and cons of a few gorgeous SLR`s with a very nice man who really knew his stuff and didn`t try to con me into spending more money than I needed to. Guess who has a lovely new camera...yep Me...and its a little beauty, the battery is charging as we speak and I can`t wait to play around with my new baby.....

Isn`t she lovely, I got a great deal and a memory card, uv filter and a bag thrown in too...even in the shattered state I was in I can still manage a little eyelash fluttering!!!

I am off now for a very well earned glass of Pinot, sink my aching feet into my footspa...god that sounds so 80`s...and read my camera manual...I did tell you I was a geek!!!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Little Fairies...

...came into my house last night and waved their beautiful magic over my desk to transform it to this...

Well that's what I would have thought if I had come downstairs this morning and saw it all sparkling and gleaming like that...pesky fairies missed me out again and I spent over an hour transforming it from the state it was in last night to this..somewhere I can actually work without hunting under piles of Primas or stacks of paper for my knife or tweezers...and so inspiring was the tidiness...I have created four cards this evening and have a layout in progress too!!! Should try this tidy and organised more often...unfortunately after making four cards and designing the layout it doesn`t really look much like that any more!!!

But I have got these as rewards for my creative disorder!!!

Cute little Edwin...

My lovely little oriental doll...

Beautiful little Tilda...

And there she is again...

Had a great day today, back to work taught a scrapbooking class this morning and Jewellery this afternoon, has been pretty hectic, had several new students turn up at my class this afternoon so sorting enrollments out...more bloody paperwork...but lots of lovely new students even if the class was a little chaotic!!!

I am off in a minute to dig out my Pink Trainers, My Pink Tracksuit and my Pink Tshirt...can you see a theme there...no not the pink the bloody fact that I have to wear a tracksuit and trainers and I have to have photographs taken to prove to all my friends that I did wear them...oh the shame!!! Tomorrow night is my midnight sponsored walk for the local hospice, did I mention I am walking 13 MILES...oh god I am so going to regret that on Saturday!!!

Wish me luck...I am going to need it!!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Did I Jinx it...

...The weather today...wow hasn`t it been wet, had to buy a new umbrella as I stole Ella`s this morning and it fell apart between Picadilly and Primark!!!

Been in Manchester for the day shopping and chilling...my favourite place to be when I have a day off. Didn`t get my camera as I couldn`t find Jessops!!! Honestly it has closed down and I couldn`t find another one, even though I must have walked my 13 mile marathon route around Manchester today!!!

Did spend a little in Primark...about £40 but two new pairs of shoes were just what I needed as I always say a girl can never have too many pairs ;-), also headed over to Fred Aldous, the little Aladdin's cave for crafters, sells everything crafty and had a really nice chat with a lady who works in there too. Picked up some new jewellery bits and bobs including some gorgeous chain and also treated myself to some chalk inks.

Managed to complete this layout tonight, not the best piccy because I NEED a new camera, picture is of me and my Dad out last Friday night and the title is "33 and still a Daddy`s Girl", the layout is for my class tomorrow: using chipboard on your layouts.

Did manage to take some photographs from the train today...

I love this building but would hate to have to clean the windows!!!

Love this building too, because when I see it from the train I know that I am nearly at the shops!!!

and I really need somebody to come and organise me...honestly just look...there is about three hours worth at least of tidying and sorting to do just on my desk.....

Should really go and tidy and sort it but I want to sink into nice hot bath, sooth my aching sodden muscles and try on my new shoes...again ;-)