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Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween...Muwahahaha...

...Wow its so cold tonight...have just got back from Trick or Treating with the kids and they are busy sorting through their stash of artificial flavourings and colourings...no doubt they will be climbing the walls later with hyperactivity!!!
After working my fingers to the bone all week I took today off and had a lovely Autumn day took the kids for a walk with the camera this morning because it was so lovely and bright, the sun was shining and I wanted some Autumy pictures so these are the photos that we took

Harry capturing the fact that we always stop at a road...look and listen!!!

This is our local church

and again through the undergrowth...I swear David Bellamy was in there

It`s amazing what grows on trees these days, although it certainly isn`t money...do you know I found myself shouting at the kids earlier for leaving lights on and doors open, then put my head in my hands and realised I am tuning into my Dad!!!

and look at these gorgeous pink berries...which are called Sorbus hupehensis 'Obtusa' because I found out here aren`t they pretty.

We then spent the afternoon at my friend`s house who, Yes Miss Spencer, I think invited me on Halloween just so that I could carve her pumpkin for her...although it did take my mind off the fact that whilst trying to send a text message the little darlings at O2 decided to bar my phone leaving me stranded with no means of communication...no warning bang cut off...dead...people could text me and phone me but to respond I had to resort to smoke signals in the back garden!!!....

Oooh and Trent...Trent what sort of name is that...at O2 is either going to have to go for counselling or take a period of leave due to mental health problems when I finally got hold of him from a Land line OMG I never use land line anymore...I was absolutely fuming, steam coming out of my ears electricity sparking from my fingers....Oh yes Trent who "looked into my problem" and then said my barring would be removed within 72 hours...Woah....72hours mate you are not leaving this phone until I can send a text....and he didn`t...god I can be a bitch sometimes!!! I am blaming the fact that it is Halloween and I was getting into role......take a look at my hat!!!

This is me with my very good, but very sneaky in a pumpkin kind of way, friend Rachel

and this is the pumpkin I carved for her...I must really love her because I hate the smell of Pumpkin and was heaving at one point whilst scooping out the centre!

So when we got home...after I had permanently scarred poor Trent for life it was time to carve our pumpkin which was the size of a tangerine compared to Rachel's...but has more teeth and looks better because it was dark by the time I finished

And then it was time to get the kids ready for trick or treating...don`t they look great...Jesus I would be scared if I saw this lot coming towards me...took me an hour to get them all ready and another half hour taking photos, then we only managed 45 minutes of trick or treating because it was sooooooooooooooo cold, mind numbingly, frostbite inducing, icicle forming freezing arctic conditions...I had to have a baileys when we got back just to warm me up of course ;-)

Off now to raid the kids sweetie stash they came home with!!!

Happy Halloween xxx

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