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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Pesky Little Craft Fairies...

...Have bypassed my studio...AGAIN!!!

I had to tidy it all up by myself today...Had to put all my papers away, all my stamps back in their box, all the double sided tape backing in the bin, I have even cleaned my craft mat...that Cillit Bang is amazing stuff and will remove not only your top layer of skin but also ground in acrylic paint too!!!

Normally I post pictures of how messy my studio looks after a crafty marathon but its so clean and tidy I thought I would post some just to prove I am not always a complete slob!!!

Scooby Dooby doo....

God that looks a mess but its all tidy and organised ... honestly!

See I can be tidy...hmmm lets see how long that lasts!!!

Have also managed to take some better pictures of the little acetate Christmas house card/album that I designed yesterday. I love daylight...even though it has been raining buckets here all day, although weather like this is why GHD straighters were invented ;-)

Thanks for looking xxx

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