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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Her Space My Space...favourite childhood photo...

...I don`t have that many photo`s of me as a child because they are all at my Mum and Dads house however I do have one photograph album here as I was posting embarrassing photos of my brother on facebook a while ago...muwahahaha...and no he still has not forgiven me!!!

So had a flick through it earlier and found this photo of My Grandad Jack, my brother and I.

Which I don`t remember being taken but is probably from about 1982, me aged about 7, and is at my Nan and Grandads house which I do remember...just look at that couch and those curtains...absolutely gorgeous!!!
What I do remember however is how great my Grandad was and how much he loved us and how he made our childhood so special, I have so many happy happy childhood memories of him...from the pound notes he gave us every time he saw us, to the sweets he bought us, its a bloody wonder my brother and I still have any teeth, to the terrible tales he used to fill our heads with, I believed there were fairies at the bottom of the garden for years because he had told me so.
He was a wonderful man with a wicked sense of humour...which I think I inherited from him, he saw the good in everyone and I only wish that my children had had the opportunity to have met him because they would have loved him and he would have loved them...and yes Jack, my eldest was named after him.
Great photo prompt today really made me think about my happy childhood times.


Cheyne said...

Great memories! Cute pic.

sharon.gundry said...

It made me cry but I loved it.