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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Midweek Mushroom Madness!!!

I can`t believe we are over half way through the week already and have another Bank Holiday to look forward to at the weekend too...means an extra lie in and a whole day to play, just hope the weather holds out would be rather nice to actually sit in the sun instead of having to work while he has his hat on!!!

Had the day off yesterday though...a whole days holiday and I spent the day catching up with all my washing and ironing and housework...NOT...I went shopping in Manchester ;-) needed a new pair of jeans...oh and two new tops too!!!

Was back in work today though and had a lovely floral punch art workshop this morning with some lovely ladies and some rather delicious hot chocolate...mmmm!!!

The dreaded insomnia has made a rather unexpected and unwelcome appearance again, not only am I waking up at four every morning I am now finding it really hard to actually get off to sleep at night, never been a problem before, so instead of laying in bed getting more and more frustrated and upset that I cant sleep I am getting up and doing all those little jobs that I never seem to have time for oh and a bit of crafting too ;-)

Made this card yesterday morning roughly between the hours of 4.30 and 6am, I got the toadstool house template at Aintree on Saturday and I have had the little frog stamp for a while but not used it before, isn`t he cute.

Whilst I was at Aintree I went a bit mad on stamps and bought these...which are still in the packets, still with the incriminating prices on and still unused...but I had to have them!!!

Got this little toadstool house stamp (think I have gone mushroom mad!!!) for the bargain price of £2 from here and this teddy bear exclusive die from here

Fortunately whilst I was in work today we got a delivery of some gorgeous new papers, so I got to stroke them all first...easily pleased I am...feast your eyes on these little beauties which all screamed at me for a lovely new home ;-) of course being a good girl I bought two of each...one to stroke and drool over and the other to cut into!!!

I am off now to enjoy the peace and quiet that has settled on the house and to lush over my new papers and stamps...really I need to get out more I know!!!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Who Stole it...

...The weekend!!!

I can`t believe it is almost over, as soon as I have finished typing this I am away to the land of the dreams, hitting the sack, getting up close and personal with my quilt you get my drift!!!

I am exhausted, mind weary, bone weary even my eyelashes are weary!!!

Spent a very lovely but exhausting day in Liverpool yesterday after I had a very important meeting at the bank with my new account manager Declan, who is such a nice man!!! Had to "discuss my Finances" and get everything in order, you know one of those horribly grown up things to do!!! Then got on the train and headed over to Aintree race course for the Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft show...look how the sun shone
god I spent a bloody fortune, but did manage to get these two books which I have been after for a while,

also bought loads of stamps, I am really liking stamping at the moment and finally bought myself a Lily and Milo stamp.

After I had walked round the show twice, paid an extortionate amount of money for a cappuccino and a chicken sandwich I got the train back into Liverpool to hit Primark...well its the law...Saturday afternoon shopping and all that!!!

The Train home was full of City fans though who had watched their team beat Everton at Goodison so was a little loud...thank heavens for my ipod and the Killers blaring in my ears!!!

Last night I went out for an Italian with a very good friend and we walked into town for wine and cocktails...mmm cocktails seemed like such a good idea at the time but not this morning when I felt like someone had taken a claw hammer to my head in the middle of the night, not only did I have the hangover from hell but my body hurt from all the walking and shopping carrying I did yesterday...Needless to say I have taken it easy today, although I have spent all afternoon lesson planning but rather nice planning though, not the horrendous paperwork side of it!!!

This is what I am teaching tomorrow in my sewing class, applique felt bags.

This is what I am teaching in my jewellery class, beaded wire wrapped around thonging.

... this is my scrapbooking class on Thursday...chalk ink lettering and using felt die cuts, see how organised I am!!!

Okay I know I said I was hitting the sack but have just found this site and its screaming at me to have a look!!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sweet things and Jump Rings!!!

I managed to get my backside out of bed on time this morning, much to the surprise of the kids, although making my first of several thousand cups of pure caffeine this morning I realised I felt like I hadn`t been to bed at all and had to wait a little longer for that caffeine rush to kick in!!!

I also managed to do probably one of the most stupid things today too, left my front door keys on top of my recycling bin...yep for the whole day...the girls had a "fancy dress" day at school today and after I locked up realised Mia had her pants on back to front, so sorted her out and obviously left my keys on top of the bin...derrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...only when I went to get my keys out of my bag after I finished work did I realise they were missing!!!

Talk about leaving an open invitation for someone to help themselves to everything in my house...luckily my keys were still there and everything is still in its place, just feel a bit irresponsible...blaming the fact I am tired...again!!!

Have spent this evening lesson planning and have designed two more workshops for May, this is a jump ring bracelet I have been thinking about for a while:

This is an acetate card and gift bag workshop using some exclusive designs that a lady draws especially for our shop:

Little acetate bag with shrink plastic cupcake charm

Off to finish some paperwork...oh the hidden joys of teaching!!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Check this out...

Come across this site whilst browsing for a Fathers day gift for my Dad...unfortunately Dad they do not do personalised ipod touches...sorry ;-)!!!

Wired and Dangerous!!!

Today didn`t start in the best possible way...I overslept, not just by ten minutes either but by a whole hour....getting myself and four kids fed, and organised before half eight in the morning when you only get up at quarter to is not an easy feat...especially when Jack decides that this morning will be the one he shatters Mia`s precious High School Musical glass!!! She is unfortunately devastated and I don't think she has forgiven him yet, she was slightly placated when I told her I was going to Manchester next week so would nip into the Disney shop and get her another!!! Then I managed to throw my tin of make up on the floor and Mia, bless her, came out with the remark "things are not going too well this morning are they Mum"!!!

The day improved slightly, I had a lovely workshop this morning, teaching the Tilda card with Picket Fence template and when I arrived at work one of my ladies had left me a gift...look at this...
Oooh I can`t wait to create some of the gorgeous beaded designs in here, lots of workshop and class ideas to steal too ;-)
Managed to design one of my May workshops this evening too, just seemed to be in the mood for a bit of jewellery making and have come up with this wire wrapped design.

And after my fiasco with the "taxi driver" yesterday I have decided that I am starting my driving lessons again...watch out Warrington this could be DANGEROUS!!!!!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Monday Madness!!!

I had the taxi driver from Hell this morning I swear, got in his cab at 9am and told him where I wanted to go...about ten minutes drive away!!!
I`ve never heard of it was his reply...
well its in such and such a road I say...
ohh never heard of it...
do you have sat nav I say...
don`t believe in it he replies...
so a ten minute journey turned into a thirty minute nightmare...him saying never heard of it about 14 million times...driving through the streets of Penketh...when we finally found the place where I was teaching he said I can`t charge you the full amount can I...to which I replied no I wouldn`t give it to you anyway...so he muttered under his breath, me all cheerful gets out of his taxi and says "have a nice day now" :-) I couldn`t help myself...bloody prat needs to invest in sat nav or at least do the Warrington version of the knowledge...tell you I have never seen a taxi driver so happy to get rid of me ;-)
Anyway despite the nightmare taxi ride...although I was far more chilled out about it than I would have been about six months ago, I have had a fantastic day. Had two new classes starting today and they were both really well attended and I met some lovely people too.
Completed this layout last night, picture was taken of Harry and I in March I titled it Tall Tales...and the journaling reads something like will this be the last picture I have taken of Harry and I where he is smaller than me...I have three inch heels on in this pic so I think it maybe!!!
Not the best pictures but this is what I will be teaching in my workshop tomorrow, using the Picket fence templates and good old Tilda stamps.
And finally just before I go and relax my aching muscles in a bubbly bath, bought this magazine today, not had a chance to look through properly but at first glance looks pretty good.
Will let you know what I think.
Anyway that bath is calling me now...can you hear it ;-)

Sunday, 19 April 2009


I have had a very productive day today, in fact I think this is the first time I have sat down all day, apart from when I got a lift to the shop earlier in my mates very cool convertible...so lazy as the shop is only at the end of my road, but lots of fun with the roof down and the tunes blaring...Posers!!!

So got all my housework, washing and ironing done, spent a couple of hours lesson planning, removed several giant nits from Mia`s hair...Yuck..., made a Sunday tea and have just spent the last hour completing the salt evaporation experiment for Mia's homework!!! I think she has also decided she works better under pressure too as she has only had a week and a half off school to complete it and I have been stood in the kitchen like a Muppet with her stirring a pan of salt water!!!
Completed this layout this afternoon, started it last night and I really love it, came together so easily, and I love these photos of the girls from Christmas 2003, think I had just bought myself a new camera and was playing about with it.
Also designed this bracelet for a jewellery class I am teaching tomorrow...yep back to teaching, I can`t wait to get back to work...beats tidying up behind the kids and constantly being on top of the housework...!!!
Off now to sit on my backside for a couple of hours chilling out before a nice early night!!!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

A change is as good as a holiday...

...So they say, although I would much rather have a holiday somewhere where the sun reflects off the sea and the sand is warm under my feet but hey I am back at work full time Monday so for now will have to make do with the crashing waves white noise app on my ipod!!!

For regular visitors you may have noticed that I have been playing around with the blog a bit...can`t resist now I know how to do it, that was one of those things along with putting photos on my ipod that I wanted to get done whilst I have been off work...that and convince Harry that he needs a haircut...which he finally let me do this afternoon!!!

So at the moment I am happy with the layout and promise not to change it for ooh at least a week ;-)

Just wanted to share some links where you can get the free...yep free backgrounds for your blogs, tutorials included!!!

Shabby Blogs
Aqua Poppy
The Cutest Blog on the Block

Off now to play Lexulous...although I have a feeling I am going to get slaughtered tonight!!!

Friday, 17 April 2009

It`s the Weekend!!!

Now this feels odd...It is half ten on a Friday night and for the first time in weeks I am sat at home!!! This is the first Friday I haven`t been out in ages and I feel really bad because a friend of mine is playing tonight, he is in a band, and I have just found out not many people have turned up :-(...but I am going out tomorrow night to watch other friends in another band and I can`t cope with two nights out on the run anymore!!!

So instead I am sat here with a very large glass of Pinot, feeling very chilled as I have just had one of those lovely girlie bubbly baths with candles.
Finished this layout earlier its of my Nan and Grandad`s wedding day, which was on Boxing Day sometime in the forties I think, not completely sure of the date though, but Jesus can you imagine getting married on Boxing Day...Christmas is usually stressful enough without having to worry about your wedding the next day!!!

...did I mention I "nipped" to Hobbycraft earlier...well my bill came to £65...I still can`t work out how I spent that much but got this lovely stack of papers, they are gorgeous and I am looking forward to playing with these.

and could not resist this book either ;-)

How cute is that, looking forward to having a mess about with my fabric and felt and creating some gorgeous little embellishments.

Off now to continue enjoying my Friday night!!!

I was only gone for a couple of hours.....

Yep two, maybe two and a half hours tops...had to nip into work to pick up registers and paperwork for my courses next week, collect some petty cash and most importantly fill in my pay claim form...pay day next week!!!

Then shot over to Hobbycraft as it is opposite the college to pick up supplies for my classes, nipped into Tesco to pick some stuff up for lunch...came home and Jack showed me this...

That kid really makes me laugh and I think its quite ingenious that he not only thought of it but then filmed it and blue toothed it to me so I can share it with the world muwahahaha!!!

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Had the day off today...well I use that term rather loosely...I did not have to go into work, but I have not stopped all day, been in one of those "lets see how much I can clean and tidy up" moods so the whole house is sparkling, all the washing is done, the ironing fairies have yet to show but I am confident they are just stuck in traffic and will be here soon!!! Then when I had completed all that I had the really bright idea...well I had it about three months ago...to sort through all my craft stuff!!!

BLOODY HELL... I could quite possible sell everything I have and retire on the proceeds, I found stash I hadn`t even opened, papers, Jesus I could wallpaper Buckingham Palace with the amount of 12x12 papers I have, brads that still were in the packets and a cricut cartridge I have no recollection of buying!!!

Well everything is...well was...neat and tidy again...until I decided to do some scrapping and now my desk looks like, well like it usually does after I have finished a craft session!!! What was the bloody point I am thinking, although I now know what I have, where it is and the recycling bin is full!!!

So these layouts are why my desk is now labelled "Creative Disorder"

12x12 Of Mia from 2006...look at that fringe!!!

Presenting my Biker Chick...
and an 8x8 layout from Spring 2007 of Mia...growing out the fringe!!!
Off to steal Chipsticks from Ella she is sat munching them on the couch and they smell bloody lovely!!!
Oh and just so you know my bonding and motivational session was a complete success last night, so much so that I am considering running that class again ;-)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bonding, Motivation and Radishes!!!!

Early post from me today as I am off out tonight...only to socialise with some of my students, it has to be done for bonding and motivational purposes only...okay if I am honest we are going down the pub for a few drinks there I have said it...sometimes I am just too honest ;-).

I think I may be a little more green fingered than I thought too because you would not believe how quickly my radishes have grown, I have had to buy individual pots today to thin them out, originally the idea was that the kids would save me their fromage frais pots each night after tea but as I only have three sat on my windowsill ready I has to resort to plan B!!! Not a shoot from the carrots, peppers or strawberries yet though...I can`t wait to harvest...see that's a technical term that is...my own vegetables...how cool will that be!!!

Look at these little beauties, I only sowed these on Saturday!!!

I have really rediscovered my love of scrapbooking lately too, completed another layout last night and have another in progress on my desk that I will hopefully complete before I attend my bonding and motivation session this evening ;-).
I love this picture of Ella, taken 8 years ago at Camelot, aw she is so cute, still loving the 12x12 size and this is one of my favourite colour combinations too, also loving brads again at the minute thanks to Victoria, one of my students who understands all about clusters and inking and whether to tilt or not!!!
Okay I am off now to start the MAMMOTH job of sorting through ALL my craft stash...this job may take several weeks to complete but I am going to do it...watch this space for Ebay listings ;-)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Back to work...

...yep no lie in for me today...although I did sleep through the alarm and got up half an hour later than I should have done but still made it to work on time...Just!!!

Was teaching a cardmaking class today, makes a change for me as it is usually scrapbooking or jewellery making but it was lovely, had a lot of giggles and a nice full workshop. Girls were then delivered to Grandma and Grandads for a sleepover...little cheer from Harry...and then I took Harry to the pub for our tea...god I am so full I really think we should have given the hot chocolate fudge cake and ice cream a miss, especially after the chicken tika masala but hey that's what the buttons on your jeans are for right...to loosen when you are stuffed!!!

Finally managed to get a semi decent shot of the other layout I completed yesterday, this photograph of Ella is 7 years old, taken during her first year of school, pretty ironic considering she leaves Primary school in July to start High school, but just goes to prove that I do get around to completing things...eventually!!! Can not believe how young she looks and so small...so cute!!!
And this bracelet is what I am teaching in my Jewellery making workshop tomorrow...yep more of those gorgeous lush little coils!!!
Off now to try and work off some of the fudge cake on the Wii...failing that which is pretty likely as Harry is watching some football game ;-) I may just seek out some of the kids Easter eggs!!!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Go Girl!!!

Forgot to add before...I Completed this layout today...I know I am on a roll, also finished another but for the life of me I can`t get a decent picture of it, will have to wait until daylight tomorrow!!!

This was Mia last year go carting, laugh I had tears rolling down my cheeks...cones flying everywhere...she loved it!!!

Sunshine and Daisy Chains...

Wow for a Bank holiday weekend the weather has been amazing here all weekend, Sunshine always makes me happy and I can get all my washing out on the line...I know its sad but you can`t beat that line dried freshness!!!

Had a little incident this morning, my roots needed doing...badly...so I bought the hair dye on Saturday...oooh cosmic Violet sounds so pretty which is lucky because I have cosmic Violet ears, neck and forehead, there is a little bit on my arm and my nails are a funny purple colour...yep I wore gloves and yep I tried in vain to clean it off my skin but it just wont budge!!! Will have to get out the exfoiliator later and scrub!!! However my hair is very red and very shiny has that silky feel to it too.

Took Harry and Mia to the park earlier on to have a laugh...literally, watching Harry roll down a hill is probably the funniest thing I have seen in a long time, that and him rugby tackling Mia to the ground...of course the camera came too and just had a really nice time laughing and chilling out with my kids, and making Daisy chains too, sat on the grass cross legged teaching my kids how to make them is probably the most chilled out I have been in a very long time, reminded me of when I was a little girl sat on the grass at my Nans house doing exactly the same pretending I was the Daisy Princess!!! It is the simple things in life I think that can create the most enjoyment.

I took this photograph of this amazingly beautiful rose, I am so pleased with how this turned out too, completely unedited, isn`t nature breathtaking sometimes?

Harry Posing...

Mia looking beautiful as always...

See Harry and Mia can get on sometimes...you would not believe how long it took me to get them to sit together like that!!!

Mia and I having a very important chat about something...

...and looking at something obviously very interesting!!!

May I present the brand new Daisy Princess complete with crown!!!

and finally having a lark and trying to get all three of us in the same shot...not the easiest thing to do when you are sat on a hill!!!

Off now to mentally prepare myself for going back to work tomorrow...after four days off work its going to be hard work untangling myself from the duvet at stupid o clock in the morning!!!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

12 Inches...

...by 12 inches!!!

Yep been scrapbooking...all afternoon, completed three layouts using some gorgeous new papers by Cosmo Cricket I love these papers they are fabulous for my male themed layouts...
I have been wanting to scrap this photo since just before Christmas as it just sums Harry up to a tee...he is a human dustbin...the minute we sit down for Tea the first words he utters are "If you leave any Mum I will have it"
So thought of the title "The F word" because he loves food and love to watch Gordon Ramsey too!!!

Also completed this layout of Jack...the photo by the way was totally unposed...in fact when I was clicking with my camera he turned to me and said "Mum I am trying to concentrate"...Kids!!!

Last but not least also completed this layout of Ella and the haircut she had last month...matching papers to this was an absolute nightmare although Basic Grey came to the rescue...
Can you tell I like those little scrabble tiles I bought last week, they are so sweet.
And being a very good crafty girl...oh yes I am...I also made this little card with all my scraps...
So have been a busy little me today, and that was after I finally had the chance to sit down and work out how to put photos on my ipod...yeah have four albums on there now...so easily pleased I know aren't I...also think I may have a little sunburn too, the weather, surprisingly for a bank holiday, has been amazing today.
Off to rub some after sun into my shoulders!!!