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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Why can`t we have more Sundays in the week!!!

I am having just the loveliest day today, I feel so relaxed and chilled out and have not felt like this for such a long time...not worrying about anything just pure chillaxing as someone put it too me earlier...It is so long since I relaxed properly and I have just been sat in front of the PC for the last couple of hours wrapped up in a blanket feeling all warm and cosy blog hopping, facebooking and chatting with people online, I have caught up with my auntie a couple of friends and a fellow scrapper in Canada, when I was chatting with her at 3pm it was only 10am there but it was only 2 degrees outside and they had frost, its cold here today but not that cold.

I have uploaded music onto my phone too, which I am very happy about...no more listening to old people discussing their health and ingrowing toenails with each other on the buses, or listening to scanky teens who think they invented the F word!!! I had to do my food shopping yesterday without the Courteeners or Oasis singing personally to me!!!

I should in fact have the hangover from hell today and I felt pretty rough when I first got up, however a couple of neurofen, two enormous cups of strong coffee and a good old chat with a good friend soon put paid to that though and I found myself singing and dancing in the kitchen with Mia earlier to Blue!!! Blue of all the crappy bands in the world I just admitted that I was singing along to it...oh crap that's my street cred and reputation completely down the pan...all bloody rise!!!

So whilst in a drunken state last night...a few very large glasses of Pinot...I let Mia "do my hair" NO WAY are you seeing the photos that Harry took...in fact as soon as I uploaded them they were deleted...hmmm must remember to empty the recycle bin, Kids and OH will be able to bribe me with them for years...so not only did I have pigtails but I was wasted and looked it too...little ribbons in my hair do not suit my image I don`t think...I did however manage to take some beautiful pics of Mia whilst sloshed and these are my faves...

She is so photogenic and bloody gorgeous but she is developing a really bad case of verbal diarrhoea...every parent reading this will know exactly what I mean by that...the incessant wittering on about absolute crap...I really don`t know where she gets that from!!!

I am off now to snuggle in my blanket some more and maybe have a little Sunday afternoon snooze....bliss!!!

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