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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Day of rest...

...Pah...what a load of old rubbish!!!

I got up at silly o clock did all the bloody housework and ironing, spent the afternoon working on a magazine commission and the day has gone.........whoosh............just like that!!! In fact I want to know who stole my weekend, where it is and give it back because there is a whole five days until the next one ;-(

Oh My God and the kids were watching the X factor earlier on, now I hate ALL reality TV shows, apart from Gordon's F word, what a load of tripe, how many tear jerking stories are they having this year, every time I looked round someone was crying, although at one point I did cop a load of Simon Cowell with no top on and yummmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee!!! Never really though of him like that before but Jesus a girl can change her mind right!!!

Just had the biggest laugh though and that makes up for my disappearing weekend...

Jack has just come home from his Dad`s and his Nan (aged 60+) has bought him a new t shirt...which is a very nice FCUK number...look

now look closer at the logo...

OMG I have laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair....needless to say Jack will be wearing this t shirt in the house only!!!


Bobs said...


Brilliant! Thanks for the giggle. :)

Chris T said...

Wow - it took me a while to realise why you were so shocked - nice one lol