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Friday, 31 October 2008


God I have that feeling again...I am not going to sleep tonight, it is 11pm and I am still up, have been scrapping for a couple of hours and I want to scrap some more...why...because I have fresh Halloween photos, gorgeous new Halloween papers from K and Co and I LOVE Halloween!!!

So I took photos tonight of the kids dressed up and have scrapped one of them already

Oh and have been listening to Most Haunted LIVE all night whilst scrapping...that has got to be the biggest pile of shite...apologies to all Most Haunted Fans but I would rather listen to hmm something decent....although saying that if everybody liked the same thing life would be pretty dull....lets embrace differentiality!!!

Happy Halloween...Muwahahaha...

...Wow its so cold tonight...have just got back from Trick or Treating with the kids and they are busy sorting through their stash of artificial flavourings and colourings...no doubt they will be climbing the walls later with hyperactivity!!!
After working my fingers to the bone all week I took today off and had a lovely Autumn day took the kids for a walk with the camera this morning because it was so lovely and bright, the sun was shining and I wanted some Autumy pictures so these are the photos that we took

Harry capturing the fact that we always stop at a road...look and listen!!!

This is our local church

and again through the undergrowth...I swear David Bellamy was in there

It`s amazing what grows on trees these days, although it certainly isn`t money...do you know I found myself shouting at the kids earlier for leaving lights on and doors open, then put my head in my hands and realised I am tuning into my Dad!!!

and look at these gorgeous pink berries...which are called Sorbus hupehensis 'Obtusa' because I found out here aren`t they pretty.

We then spent the afternoon at my friend`s house who, Yes Miss Spencer, I think invited me on Halloween just so that I could carve her pumpkin for her...although it did take my mind off the fact that whilst trying to send a text message the little darlings at O2 decided to bar my phone leaving me stranded with no means of communication...no warning bang cut off...dead...people could text me and phone me but to respond I had to resort to smoke signals in the back garden!!!....

Oooh and Trent...Trent what sort of name is that...at O2 is either going to have to go for counselling or take a period of leave due to mental health problems when I finally got hold of him from a Land line OMG I never use land line anymore...I was absolutely fuming, steam coming out of my ears electricity sparking from my fingers....Oh yes Trent who "looked into my problem" and then said my barring would be removed within 72 hours...Woah....72hours mate you are not leaving this phone until I can send a text....and he didn`t...god I can be a bitch sometimes!!! I am blaming the fact that it is Halloween and I was getting into role......take a look at my hat!!!

This is me with my very good, but very sneaky in a pumpkin kind of way, friend Rachel

and this is the pumpkin I carved for her...I must really love her because I hate the smell of Pumpkin and was heaving at one point whilst scooping out the centre!

So when we got home...after I had permanently scarred poor Trent for life it was time to carve our pumpkin which was the size of a tangerine compared to Rachel's...but has more teeth and looks better because it was dark by the time I finished

And then it was time to get the kids ready for trick or treating...don`t they look great...Jesus I would be scared if I saw this lot coming towards me...took me an hour to get them all ready and another half hour taking photos, then we only managed 45 minutes of trick or treating because it was sooooooooooooooo cold, mind numbingly, frostbite inducing, icicle forming freezing arctic conditions...I had to have a baileys when we got back just to warm me up of course ;-)

Off now to raid the kids sweetie stash they came home with!!!

Happy Halloween xxx

Her Space My Space...Passage

Great prompt today...passage...heres my photo

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Told you I felt Amazing!!!

...and tonight I do....absolutely amazing...I have had a full afternoon of Me Me Me...!!!

Scrapbooking Me that is...and a few others but mainly Me!!!

Managed to complete three layouts this afternoon as the weather was so damn shite and the only film on the telly was Shrek 3...seen it....even the kids were bored and wanted to go upstairs on the Xbox so afternoon of snuggling did not happen!!!

Although we did end up watching the Paul o Grady show together tonight...and we are so getting this and this the kids (and I) think this will be the best Christmas present Santa has ever left in our stocking...am going to buy it at the weekend, can`t wait to play the drums...I always wanted a drum kit!!!

Mr O Grady also had The Script on the show tonight I got the album for my birthday but Oh My God...Hubba Hubba...Danny O'Donaghue...OMG he is gorgeous loook...and he sings like an angel too...I will be waiting on the corner of the street for him I can tell you!!!

Okay back on track...one afternoon, three layouts...

Layout Number one...


Me in the Pub, August bank holiday Monday, doing what I do best on bank holidays...drinking wine!!!

Papers are gorgeous and from Prima INC and journalling reads:

"Mines a Pinot! Cool crisp dry white wine; Ice cold...Cheers!

Layout number two...

"Too Girly to be an Emo"

Which I am, I like pink too much...hence the pink layout

and layout number three...

"Here come the Girls"

Tongue in (cherry flavoured) cheek layout of my birthday night out

Journalling reads:

"Girls night out for my 33rd birthday...into town for dancing and drinking Cherry VK...Do you know that stuff stains your tongue"

Off now to dream of Danny O'Donaghue waiting for me on the corner of a street!!!

Her Space My Space...Structure

I have been up since half five this morning but I did sleep solid until then so I am feeling good, better than I have over the last few days, I hate not being able to sleep I get emotional and can`t function properly but today I feel amazing.

Like I say I got up early to finish a commission for the magazine...It has took me about four days of serious grafting to get this one done, although I have had to shout at the kids several times...bloody holidays...I am trying to explain to them that even though I don`t physically leave the house some days I am actually working...It fell on deaf ears until I threatened to remove the PS2 and Xbox from their bedrooms...muwahahahahah!!!...all quiet upstairs now you know.

So the reason I got up so early was to get this commission finished so I could actually spend some time with them this afternoon but its sooooo cold I just want to snuggle so we may end up in front of the telly with a DVD and chocolate mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

So the photo prompt over at her space my space today is Structure...this is the amazing conservatory at Syon Park in Brentford...where I used to live, I absolutely love the structure of this building the architecture is amazing.

History alert.......................

The crowning glory of Syon Park's gardens is the Great Conservatory. The 3rd Duke of Northumberland commissioned Charles Fowler to build a new conservatory in 1826, the first of its kind to be built out of gunmetal, Bath stone and glass. It was originally designed to act as a show house for the Duke's exotic plants and inspired Joseph Paxton in his designs for the Crystal Palace.


Absolutely stunning.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Wednesday`s Wittering`s

It is midway through the week, half way through half term and it really feels like it should be Friday I have had one of those weeks so far where you don`t seem to have five minutes to sit down and do nothing, my to do list is longer than a roll of wallpaper and doesn't seem to be getting any shorter, the kids are off school, and the other half goes back to work tomorrow so I am officially IN CHARGE!!!

Did have a fabulous jewellery making workshop today though and when I got into work I got this great birthday card, hand crafted by Kathy, my boss, who thought it was very apt...left it on my desk in the office while I did my workshop and the very very talented Mr Allen, who owns the Art and Craft Store where I run my workshops, framed it for me as a surprise, how cool is that, so I am going to put it on the wall in my studio because it just about sums me up...If all else fails...shop...that should be my slogan!!!
Have just completed this layout of Mia, done and dusted in about an hour which is pretty good for me, had this fabulous paper which matched her dress in the picture brilliantly.
Look at this Terrific Tangerine Treat:
Now I could Blag on my Blog and tell you all I painstakingly made this, carefully hand dying the coconut frosting, whipping up the butter cream filling, hand drawing and cutting the skull and intricately piping the "Halloween" but no...I nipped to Waterfield`s for my lunch...Pizza and a cream bun...mmmmmmmmmmm....fat alert.....and spotted it in the window, so the kids had it after tea, Oh yes I am up for mother of the year today as I have also sorted out the girls wardrobe tonight...that will be another trip to the charity shop on Saturday, but if I go with my Dad he may treat me to another bacon and egg on toast...mmmmmmmmm......another fat alert!!!
And I forgot to mention earlier but Jack bought me the most beautiful bunch of flowers for my birthday complete with red gerberas...which are my favourite flower in the whole world...look at these beautiful blooms:
and whilst messing with the Super macro setting on my camera earlier I took this photograph which is probably my favourite photograph that I have ever took...apart from ones of the kids obviously:
Off to polish my Mother of the year award!!!

Her Space My Space ...Office

Today`s photo prompt over at Her Space My Space is Office...here is mine on a rare "tidy" day complete with my favourite coffee mug...you can get a whole lot of coffee in there!!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Wednesday Workshop and I can be Emo!!!

Okay ladies if you are booked into my Jewellery workshop tomorrow this is the gorgeous little number you will be creating, with some very lush new beads that I ordered last week. Sorry it took so long to post a picture but if the truth be told I only finished making it ten minutes ago...at least I am honest!!!

And while I was uploading the picture of the turquoise delight arm candy OMG I had completely forgotten about Sunday nights shenanigan's...the kids and I very late had a bit of a lark...well a lot of a lark actually, I really would not like to live next door to me sometimes!!!

Jack and I decided I could be an Emo...because his jacket fits me...and he could be well basically a woman because my jacket fits him...just think if he was a girl we would be fighting over each others clothes, although funnily enough whilst I was busy shopping in Manchester yesterday the other half did all the ironing...I know even I was surprised and had to sit down for a few minutes, but he had left all mine on the bed and amongst it were a pair of Jacks jeans!!!
So back to Sunday...Jack as me and me as Jack.....the upsetting thing is Jack looks as good in my jacket as I do and I just look shite in his!!!
Then after nearly breaking my back giving him a piggy back...he is taller than me...he insisted I sit cross legged on the Dining room table so he could take emo poses of me...
And I just love this photo...because it took me about ten minutes to convince Mia that she really does love Harry and to get this close to him...even though "boys smell"
Off to create something delicious for tea because I am starving!!!

I made another design team

I am very excited, had to apply for the position and have just received the email to confirm I had been successful...Happy Happy me.

I have added the details to the left...Beary Box and have my first design challenge so watch this space....

Monday, 27 October 2008

I can`t get no Sleep

It is 6.35am and I am awake...and blogging!!!

I have been up for ages because my bloody insomnia is back, I thought it was on Sunday but I was just hoping that it was because I was so excited because it was my birthday!!!

I have already done two loads of washing, finished my Self Assessment, loaded three new albums onto my phone, then moved them to the memory card...so I have "sufficient storage space" and drank two cups of coffee!!!

It is so quiet though, I do love the fact that I am up before the kids and can get lots done before the day starts...but I would really like to be asleep, cosied up under my quilt, dreaming sweet and pleasant dreams of Jude Law!!!

Off to do something else productive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayhem in Manchester

OMG what a day I have had today, started off by being incredibly hungover this morning...my birthday yesterday and copious amounts of white wine had to be drunk...well after receiving all this alcohol from my friends it would have been rude not too...just goes to show how well they all know me!!!

I Finally got my weary, hungover backside out of bed, had a couple of cups of strong coffee and some Neurofen...god how did we ever cope before neurofen...and tidied up, god almighty my house was a tip this morning there was literally crap everywhere, went into town to meet one of my friends for coffee, although we ended up having cappachino...yum and a good old giggle. Then got the train into Manchester as I had a vast amount of lubberly birthday money burning a hole in my very gorgeous brand new Jane Norman purse!!!

So Primark saw me coming!!!

Although I only spent £21...not bad for me, although a poor lady collapsed at the till so I am hoping she is okay now, paramedics and panicked staff everywhere and onlookers staring!!!

Then I saw the one and only, the very funny Mr Jimmy Carr himself in the Arndale centre wow he is really tall and very very cool he had a man bag and everything and if I hadn`t been so star struck I would have gone over and asked him for a photo, but I am still trying to get to grips with my new phone and have not sussed out how to take a decent photo on it yet...bloody kicking myself now!!!
Nipped into Boots to purchase some gorgeous new make up because I am a girl who likes her face paint and ended up getting myself a free make up consultation from the very beautiful Lindsey, who is now my new best friend as she colour matched my lubberly new mineral make ups perfectly, have it all on now and I look like a model...you know what I mean!!! she also let me have some great tester freebies and I just love her for making me feel so gorgeous!!!
Went back to Primark to pick a jumper up I was umming and ahhing over earlier and I knew it would match my new mineral eye shadow perfectly and the bloody shop had to be evacuated!!! So stood out in the cold, god was it cold, for half an hour before we were allowed back in!!!
Then my bloody train home was delayed by half an hour so I am stood at the station freezing my butt off thinking how lucky I was not to be getting the train that was delayed by 117 minutes...gotta love public transport!!!
So my birthday yesterday was a lovely day saw all of my family and a lot of my friends and they just made the day so special, loves yah all I got loads of pressies...check out my new stash of goodies...

My bestest friend in the whole wide world came to see me and even agreed to having her photo took with me...sober!!!

Check out my birthday badge that another friend bought for me and insisted I wore on our girlie night out on Saturday...will leave you with this photo that Harry took of me before I went out Saturday...he is getting good at this photography he even knows how to make me laugh and look like I mean it!!!

Off now to maybe have a little after birthday drink!!!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

The taste of her Cherry Chapstick!!!!

I hate that song its one of those awful cheesy songs that gets in your head and you find yourself singing it over and over again...although I like Cherries...yummmmm...and I like Cherry flavoured Vodka even more....

I went out last night to celebrate my 21st birthday (cough) with ma girlies and we were drinking cherry vodka...did you know that stuff stains your tongue...look

Had a fabulous night, singing, dancing and drinking. My feet are absolutely killing me today because we just danced all night, which was lucky because that probably helped work off the extra large, extra spicy kebab I had at the end of the night...

Off to the pub soon...although I think I will stick with a nice glass of wine, at least that doesn`t give you a glow in the dark pink tongue xx

Friday, 24 October 2008

You make me Laugh.....

I found a great Scrapbook challenge site while I was snuggled up in my blanket last Sunday afternoon and I have completed a layout tonight loosely and I mean very loosely based on this weeks sketch, Using more than one photograph which is not my usual scrapping style but I quite like it and may use more than one picture in the future.

Took a series of shots of Ella and Mia in August generally mucking about, totally posed but having a laugh and converted them to black and white...so I could use my yummy new Dream Street Papers.........lush lush lush!!!
The Journaling reads:
"You two can always make me laugh, funny faces, funny sayings or fooling around"
And they can, god they have come out with some classics...kids really do say the funniest things sometimes!!!
Off now to make an Anniversary card for tomorrow!!!

Well the weekend is here.....

What a week I am so glad the weekend is here and I can concentrate on relaxing and enjoying my Birthday...which is going to be a three day event this year!!! Going out with My girlie's tomorrow night on a good old fashioned pub crawl, meeting my bestest friend and her fella on Sunday for a few drinkies then I am going shopping to Manchester on Monday...Partying, Presents and Shopping what more could the birthday girl ask for...well Jude Law to be my personal slave for the weekend...hey you got to dream!!!

Like I said last night I have been busy with craft projects but not had anything finished to post on here to prove it. I spent all day today finishing off this little Card/Album that I started yesterday, its based on the acetate house I designed a few weeks ago for a workshop but I have changed the colours and papers, these gorgeous new papers are by Heidi Grace designs, and they are so suited to me, they are so gorgeous I bought two of each, one to use and one so sit and stroke!!!
I have also designed a couple of cards but the light has gone now so will have to post them tomorrow, hey the best birthday present in the world, the clocks go back on Saturday night which means I get a whole extra hour to sleep off my hangover!!! But it does mean that next week it will be dark at half one in the afternoon!!!
The kids broke up from school today noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
I can`t believe it is half term already...how quick did that go, doesn`t seem five minutes since they were off in the summer, you know what that means though, Christmas is just around the corner and am I prepared, what do you think. God it`s so scary I haven`t done any Christmas shopping yet and I normally have a lot by now, this time last year I had the Nintendo Wii and got it out to check it and never put it back in the box so had to buy the kids extra presents as I claimed it!!!
So a week with the kids off school, will be nice to get out and take some photos of them in the park as the leaves are all changing colour, I love Autumn it is my favourite time of year all the colour about puts me in a happy creative mood. Not sure the kids will enhance that mood but hey I have headphones!!!!
Off now to scour the Argos book for Christmas Presents!!!!

Her Space My Space...Apple

I love Apples, but only green ones, my favourite apples are Granny Smiths...ooh crisp and sharp...yummm!!!

Apparently an apple a day will keep the doctor away, not sure why but hey if it works!!! So the prompt over at HSMS today is apple and I have actually got down on the floor this morning took this photo and found out these appliscious facts:

Apples are fat, sodium, and cholesterol free.
Apples are a member of the rose family.
Apples float because 25 percent of their volume is air.

Great stuff off to munch an apple now!!!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Busy Busy Me and Oh My God Moment!!!

I am busy...honestly I am, I am not skiving or wagging it as my brother and I used to call it...not that we ever did...Jesus my Mum reads my blog, although she did catch me one day, not red handed but had something to do with a warm kettle when it should have been cold!!! Although that's not as funny as my brother throwing cigarette ends out of his bedroom window...into the garden....Muppet!!!

I have lots of craft projects on the go at the moment but I am either in the middle of creating things or I am working on magazine commissions so I can`t show and tell...maybe a few sneaky peeks tomorrow though ;-)

Ooh I did have one of those awful parent cringing moments earlier on...I am sat at my desk working, I always work with music on through headphones so I can blank out the 23 and a half thousand people that live here...something Mia said earlier...anyway girls were watching something on the TV and a track had just finished on my music player, although remember I still had my headphones in so I am still legally allowed to ignore anyone who speaks to me...and I hear Ella say "Mum what`s a virgin" luckily the next track came on and OH obviously said your mum can`t hear you and he was obviously not going to go into the birds and the bees with her!!!

OH god...I am going to have to do "The Talk" very soon!!!

Anyway before I do that I have craft projects to finish...I am off to get covered in glitter and glue...again!!!

Her Space My Space...Grain

Grain...what a peculiar word for a photo prompt but on that gets you thinking a bit, grain of salt, grain of rice, grain of truth!!!

However I have this lovely pic of Mia and a tree...look at the lovely grain in that tree!!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Her Space My Space...Moist

Well I was going to put a picture of my lil Samsung Tocca on as todays photo prompt is Moist and that died of Moisture damage but I am laying it to rest!!!

I have this photo instead...I am not sure why I took a picture of my iron...probably to do a scrapbook page on how much I HATE IRONING!!!

Its a Girl Thing!!!

Grab a cup of coffee this is going to be a long one!!!

When I was a little girl I loved to get dressed up in girly clothes, have my hair done and put on a bit of make up...nothing much has changed there, I still love all that, It just takes longer now to conceal my wrinkles, straighten my hair and decide what to wear, I am, I think, a bit of a girlie girl...not pink and frilly but pretty and feminine, in fact I was talking to a couple of people yesterday and they were talking about my vast array of accessories...accessories I think are very important, they can make or break an outfit...and how if they saw me without all my accessories they would think something was wrong with me!!! I love my scarves and bracelets and big bling rings, flowers and clips and things, Accessorize is one of my favourite shops its like a little Aladdin's cave in there!!!

And when I found out I was having girls I was over the moon...ooh pretty them up in pink and fluff and stuff...

Anyway back on track...Ella and Mia had a disco tonight after school, so I rushed to pick them up and get them home to get changed into their dancing gear...and this is how the next twenty minutes goes
Gets through front door...Girls go upstairs to get changed

Tears upstairs from Ella...up I go...

...Mum I can`t wear this skirt its too short, it`s not short it is just above her knee, Ella is just used to tracksuit pants and trainers !!!

Trying to placate her I say Ella put some shorts on under it, tears and tantrum, I don`t want to wear a skirt...

Okay loosing it slightly we have fifteen minutes to get out the door and between gritted teeth I say...

Put the skirt on Ella...NOW...!!!

Mia carefully says....I love this skirt and top mummy, and I have to admit she looked very pink and pretty then she says Mummy can I wear my hair down....to which I reply no Mia we have not got time to straighten it...Tears from Mia Pleasssssssseeeeeeeeee mummy....oh god she has inherited the eyelash thing from me!!!

Placating again I say how about a ponytail, my girls are not usually allowed to wear ponytails because when they do they always bring nits home!!! Okay Mummy can I have a really high one...OH god more screams and tears as I scrape her hair up and straighten it...ten minutes left...Mia is ready just has to find her boots!!!

Ella comes down Oh that's not fair I want my hair straightened too, more tears more scraping then just as we are about to leave the house running five minutes late More tears from Mia...why...she can`t find her pink sunglasses and Ella is busy trying to tie her up with her scarf...!!!


So we are walking back to the school and Ella is still muttering under her breath about being forced to wear a skirt and how she is being mentally tortured and will probably be scarred for life...I am gritting my teeth still and smiling as I wave them off and breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Forty five minutes later...yes the disco only lasted forty five minutes and I go to collect my little dancing divas...Ella comes out of school all smiles and says to me Mum everyone said I looked really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GIRLS arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Oh and Mum and Dad if I ever gave you that much trouble I apologise now!!!

I am off now to have a very well earned glass of wine!!!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Her Space My Space Reflection

Took this photograph on a lovely day out in Liverpool last week, quite impressed with the new Liverpool 1...didn`t really hit the shops but took loads of photos...and this one fits todays Her Space My Space photo prompt Reflection really well.

My Lil Baby came home to me today!!!

So I am sat at the dining room table this morning surrounded by all manner of paperwork from the Inland Revenue, Bank statements, receipts and takeaway menus not sure why they were in my tax file but they were...perhaps I thought I would get peckish while I was having such a taxing time!!!

So I am trying to complete my self assessment which is due in 9 DAYS (arghhhhhhhhhhhh)

I have ticked 20,000 boxes, added my income details, my assets, my inside leg measurement and my bra size...not really but it feels like it and ...Bang Bang Bang....door goes....Mr Pat is there...as in Postman Pat with a "signed for" parcel and my little heart sinks...normally I get lovely craft stash in parcels like this But I knew what was inside before I even signed my name.

It`s my little Tocca, my lovely little phone has been allowed to come home...to sit on top of my fridge in bubble wrap just to tease me and taunt me (sob) and when I opened it up, not sure why I did that because I know its not going to work, the faint whiff of coconut filled the air!!!

So I am like so totally over it....nearly, I have a new phone that I nearly love, but what made me laugh was the letter they sent with my phone and especially this paragraph:

"An engineer at the Manufacturers Repair Centre has examined your phone and discovered that the problem is related to liquid or moisture damage and isn`t a manufacturing defect. This doesn`t necessarily mean that your phone has been submerged (e.g. dropped in a pond or washing bowl), it may have resulted from excessive condensation build up. we are sorry to inform you that your phone has been deemed to be beyond economical repair and this type of damage can`t be repaired."

Laugh I nearly cried laughing...No mate my phone got drunk on Malibu and coke and died from alcoholic poisoning!!!

At least I can see the funny side!!!

So I think I finally got my Tax Return sorted this morning, giving myself brainache, headache and probably an ulcer with worry and stress...their slogan is Tax doesn`t have to be taxing...yeah if you can afford to pay someone to do it I would imagine its pretty painless...!!!

Off now to double check that I can claim a box of Pinot under my Tax expenses!!!!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Monday Madness...

I got a new handbag today...I haven`t had a new one for ages and the one I use everyday was quite literally falling to pieces, although I really love it, it fits everything including the kitchen sink in it... so after stroking and drooling over all the lush Radleys that were half price in Debenhams I took a deep breath, gritted my teeth and ...went to New Look and bought a £10 one, instead of the £90 one that I fell in love with!!!

And what was I met with from the men in my house tonight...Not another handbag...to which Ella and Mia replied...a girl can never have too many handbags...or shoes god I have them so well trained ;-)

I have had a busy evening this evening so far, I am planning a big commission, I recently received, for a magazine, I have lush papers everywhere at the moment although I am too busy stroking them to actually cut into them!!!

I have also completed these two layouts, yep I have used that scrummy Basic Grey again, I really need another pack of that now as I have depleted my stock of that...I am trying to keep busy as I have loads on my mind, mainly the fact that I have to file my Self Assessment in 10 DAYS and I haven`t even started sorting that out yet...anyone want to do it for me and I will make you some homemade fudge with alcohol ;-)

If you have a copy of this...this months issue of Papercraft Inspirations...

you will notice these in the pull out section...I made them!!!

It is such a great feeling actually seeing your work in print and knowing that people may like your designs enough to make them too!!!

Off now to look at the Inland Revenues website...god how much excitement can I take!!!

Her Space My Space...Set

The Photo Challenge over on Her Space My Space is Set.

Here is my little set!!!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Her Space My Space Portrait

...okay I am still trying to get to grips with this photo editing malarkey...my photography tutor is obviously not the best tutor in the world...otherwise he would be Mr Carlsberg and I would be amazing at editing photographs!!!!

I was really pleased with how this picture of Mia turned out and have spent the best part of this afternoon getting to grips with Paint.net...which I downloaded yesterday and have managed to do this....which I am pretty happy with...easily pleased aren`t I!!!

Off to cook Sunday dinner now...mmm!!!

Why can`t we have more Sundays in the week!!!

I am having just the loveliest day today, I feel so relaxed and chilled out and have not felt like this for such a long time...not worrying about anything just pure chillaxing as someone put it too me earlier...It is so long since I relaxed properly and I have just been sat in front of the PC for the last couple of hours wrapped up in a blanket feeling all warm and cosy blog hopping, facebooking and chatting with people online, I have caught up with my auntie a couple of friends and a fellow scrapper in Canada, when I was chatting with her at 3pm it was only 10am there but it was only 2 degrees outside and they had frost, its cold here today but not that cold.

I have uploaded music onto my phone too, which I am very happy about...no more listening to old people discussing their health and ingrowing toenails with each other on the buses, or listening to scanky teens who think they invented the F word!!! I had to do my food shopping yesterday without the Courteeners or Oasis singing personally to me!!!

I should in fact have the hangover from hell today and I felt pretty rough when I first got up, however a couple of neurofen, two enormous cups of strong coffee and a good old chat with a good friend soon put paid to that though and I found myself singing and dancing in the kitchen with Mia earlier to Blue!!! Blue of all the crappy bands in the world I just admitted that I was singing along to it...oh crap that's my street cred and reputation completely down the pan...all bloody rise!!!

So whilst in a drunken state last night...a few very large glasses of Pinot...I let Mia "do my hair" NO WAY are you seeing the photos that Harry took...in fact as soon as I uploaded them they were deleted...hmmm must remember to empty the recycle bin, Kids and OH will be able to bribe me with them for years...so not only did I have pigtails but I was wasted and looked it too...little ribbons in my hair do not suit my image I don`t think...I did however manage to take some beautiful pics of Mia whilst sloshed and these are my faves...

She is so photogenic and bloody gorgeous but she is developing a really bad case of verbal diarrhoea...every parent reading this will know exactly what I mean by that...the incessant wittering on about absolute crap...I really don`t know where she gets that from!!!

I am off now to snuggle in my blanket some more and maybe have a little Sunday afternoon snooze....bliss!!!