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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Crafti-n-est...she came back!!!

It has been a while since I created anything crafty...heaving my expanding backside off the couch and clearing away the after eights just seems too much effort lately!!!

However...Tis my Dad`s birthday today

"Happy Birthday Dad"

Only another 4 years until retirement now!!!

So had to create a card for him obviously and came up with this little card...stamp was courtesy of Craft Stamper Magazine a couple of months ago and its the first time I have used it, isnt he cute...

Also managed to complete a couple of layouts too...

Me from Halloween this year...

Ella and Mia from Christmas Eve last year...

And my favourite place to shop...

Had a bit of a play with my Pro Markers too.....

Off now to dose up on Lemsip...always happens either Christmas or New Year bloody winter germs!!!

Merry XBox!!!

I told you I would be back, even after falling asleep on the couch after tea, funny I always thought my insomnia was stress or at least work related but that doesn`t seem to be the case, I have suffered far more with it while I have been off work the great thing is I can catch up with sleep when I want too.

Okay so I bought the kids an XBox for Christmas as a joint family present, they got other stuff too but they decided that they wanted that and a bundle of games between them!!!

So this is Christmas morning.....





Was a hit anyway even though the neighbours probably didn`t think so when we got LIPS out...I am awesome apparently...according to the xbox anyway...in real life I am tone deaf!!!

Mia isn`t that interested in the xbox unless she is singing with me but looks pretty cute all the same...

...and finally Ella...who until very recently would shove on a pair of trackies and a football shirt...OMG look.....

Its all down to a boy!!!

Who has been texting her and phoning her all over Christmas...aw young love...I am not complaining she actually looks presentable when we go anywhere.
Off now for a "sleepover"...Mia is arranging!!!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Its All White...


Warrington had a white Christmas, like most of the country I think!!!

This was last Wednesday yes I have been a terrible blogger because I have got a really bad case of the I can`t be bothered doing anything...I am on holiday and I have to sit on my backside daily and watch crap films on Television, stuffing chocolate and drinking Balieys!!!

Well that was until today...I have been productive today...Honest!!!

Anyway me and the kids in the snow messing about last week, have ordered these free from Jessops. You get 40 free prints when you register online...Bargain, can`t wait to scrapbook these either!!!

And I took this picture last week and was shocked by how much Mia looks Like Ella in it!!!
Okay one blog post down one to go...honest will blog again tonight...I have been productive and I have the pictures to prove it, watch this space...Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Ho Ho Ho....

...Its almost Christmas!!!

Wow the weeks are really flying by huh...can`t believe how rubbish I have been at keeping up with my blog lately...no excuse really!!!

Have however been preparing for Christmas, in fact I think I have prepared more than the good old fat guy in a red suit himself, been running five Christmas craft classes a week over the last five weeks, each one different and have been constantly covered in glitter or inhaling spray paint!!!

Made these wreaths in a class last week...they started out as cheap and nasty ones from the pound shop that we beatified and turned into simple elegance itself...with just a few baubles and a can of spray paint!!!

This was my class today...the one at the Fire Station...where there are real firefighters, got chatting with a couple of them today about the work they do, really interesting... made these little pouches from a sheet of 12x12 and filled with little gifts...

This is my class for tomorrow...a mitten hanging decoration...cute or what, wanted to do some mitten bunting but would have run out of time in the class...going to try that out at the weekend though...

Made a couple of bracelets last week too, well made lots but ran out of wire to make jump rings...got to shoot to Hobbycraft in the morning.

Very excited this week...off to watch The Courteeners on Wednesday...they are playing in Warrington how cool is that and I can`t wait.
Off to bed now though, need to get comfy with my quilt around me!!!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Its Official...

Christmas must finally be on it`s way, not only have I seen the Coke advert on Telly, not only is there a Christmas Shop in Warrington...yep complete with tinsel in every shade imaginable...I finally started my Christmas shopping today...what`s that...only 23 days until Christmas...Holy Crap I had better get a move on finishing it then!!!

I hit the very wet streets of Manchester today and made a big dent in my credit card, that I will probably spend most of next year paying off and then the joy starts all over again...Oh I am going to be so much more organised next year....Oh yes...I am doing my Christmas shopping in January and I am going to be one of those smug people that you really hate in October when I can cheerfully say oh yes all my Christmas shopping is done and it is all wrapped up too....Yeah right and I just saw another little piggy flying by the window...or was that really Rudolph out training for the big night!!!

Had a funny week, insomnia is back with a vengeance, went to bed at 6pm on Monday night and slept until 7am Tuesday morning and haven`t really slept since....my body is tired but my mind is just so awake, I have never been more organised or prepared for classes...even my students have commented on that!!! Had a good week though so far...taught at the fire station on Monday morning and they had an emergency call while we were in the building...I think some of my ladies were a little disappointed that they didn`t see the firemen running to the appliance in various states of undress...it was all very calm and professional...these are the guys you want in an emergency.

Taught this card on Tuesday....and I love it, even if I do say so myself...


Opened out.....

And a little close up....how sweet is that bell...

Also managed to complete a layout of Mia last night...not scrapped for fun for a while and have really missed it, but I have new stash...thanks to one of my students who bought a pile of new gorgeous papers into my class on Tuesday for us to split...I love my job!!!

Not one of my best pages but to be honest I really couldn`t find a perfect paper....wanted a pink and red one but hey we can`t have everything!!!

Off now to lay in bed probably to worry about Ella who left the house this morning armed with a suitcase and no mobile phone...how on earth did we ever manage without them...on a school trip to Menai...She returns Friday...probably with half of the Menai Strait in her suitcase!!!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

There`s something about Sundays....

...you get that feeling of "oh yeah I got the whole day to chill and potter about" and then bamm just like that it`s Sunday night and that`s the weekend over yet again!!!

Had a good one though, spent the day catching up with my housework!!! In all honesty that's my hobby really, never mind this paper crafting, jewellery making and sewing malarky I am far happier when folding washing, stood in front of the ironing board or scrubbing the bathroom....NOT!!!

Have spent the last couple of hours lesson planning though, which sounds like a chore but actually apart from the paperwork I quite enjoy it... I have a Christmas Crafts class tomorrow... you know the one I mean based at the Fire Station ;-) ....and we will be creating some Christmas tree decorations......

Also had a bit of a play with my wire and seed beads and have created this for my Jewellery making classes this week.....

And this was a card we created in a class last week but I love it so much I am going to reproduce it and make some more to send for Christmas....

I am off now to lay in the bath for the rest of the evening...its either that or listen to the torture of the X-Factor!!!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Wow what a week!!!

It only seems like yesterday that I blogged last when in fact it was last Sunday...god I am a lazy blogger, apologies to you but this has probably been the maddest week in my house EVER and it`s not even Christmas yet!!!

Mia has been away for an overnight trip with the school to Delamere Forest and in her words it was "Well Good" and "Well Funny"...the build up to that was like nothing I have ever known, I go away a lot with work and just pack my case and go but Mia...bloody hell that girl had a checklist of everything she "needed"!!!

She returned safe and sound but with half of the forest packed in her case along with several items that still remain unidentifiable and I am not sure my washing machine has recovered judging by the moaning noises it keeps making!!!

Ella celebrated her 12th birthday on Wednesday...hmmm 12 going on 15 more like...she is only about 2 inches shorter than me now too which is getting slightly embarrassing,...her main present was the LG Cookie...bloody kid has a better phone than me now too...and I remember her when she was oh so sweet and oh so little..but bless her she had to spend the whole day at school and I was working in the evening, so I spent about two hours with her in total but when I got home at 9pm she came downstairs and said thanks for a great birthday mum...We are heading to Manchester very soon for a girly day out with her birthday money!!!

Tonight I had to endure the Christmas Fayre at Mia`s school...been every year now since Jack started school...yep that makes me feel a little old...but had the funniest night. Took Mia to stand next to Father Christmas...and tell him what she wanted for Christmas...I was doubled up laughing when she replied "A horse"

Santa said..."A real one"
Mia Replied..."of course...Mummy bought me one on a stick last year but I can`t sit on it properly"
Santa said..."and where will you keep it"
Mia said..."In the garden there are plenty of weeds for it to eat"
Santa said..."You are not cheap are you"

Not laughed so hard in a long time...Kids really do say the funniest things!!!

Oh I have worked this week too, just in case you were wondering, had a brilliant day Tuesday....met with my boss, to discuss a few things and the college are paying for me to go on some fabulous courses so that I can deliver advanced courses in the subjects I teach...How cool is that...god I love my job so much, had a great week teaching too, although was a bit put out on Monday when I got to the Fire Station to teach my Christmas Crafts course...all the Firemen headed out to Mia`s School to do a safety talk...!!!

Off to slide into a freshly changed bed...now that's pure indulgence...I am wrecked and so ready for a weekend!!!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning...

Oh yeah...can you tell I have had the weekend off, can`t remember the last time I blogged during the day!!!

Had a lovely long lie in this morning too, until 10am...how lovely just to go back to sleep and laze around, especially after a few drinks at my boss`s house last night too...she even sent me home with half a bottle of wine, now that's a good boss!!!

Have been making more arm candy lately, thought it was about time I used some of the enormous stash of beautiful beads I have bought, and this is what I have come up with...they are all for sale at £6.00 each so if you want one just leave me a comment....

I am so organised for the week too...I know it wont last, shame I am not organised for Christmas!!!
Made this ribbon wreath for one of my Christmas Craft classes this week, really therapeutic to make too, although you do need about 12 metres of ribbon!!!

Just listed a couple of stamps on Ebay too, will be adding more and more stuff over the week, just not had time to do it, I have about three carrier bags of craft stuff waiting to find lovely new homes!!!
So hope everyone has a great Sunday, I am off to make more arm candy I think now I have actually re-organised all my jewellery making materials in little boxes...I know I need to get out more!!!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Sugar and Spice...and Carrots!!!!

Got that song going round in my head...you know the one I mean...

I Can`t wait for the weekend to begin....

First weekend I haven`t had to work in a long time and I am making the most of it...the Pinot is chilling in the fridge as I type and I have the mother of all lie ins planned tomorrow, although not sure how well that will go with the kids already planning a trip into town because they know I get paid this weekend...bless them!!!

Although I have had a really busy week teaching, had 11 classes this week, I have managed to complete a couple of layouts of Mia....

Sugar...looking oh so sweet....

And Spice...lol....

Can that really be the same child...I know it is because it took me over an hour to make her change from beautiful to scary!!!

and finally...

Baby carrots...not from Asda or Tesco or even Morrisons...no home grown...little tiny baby carrots from Mia`s School...


And that is Mia`s hand it is sat in...how cute is that, think you might need a hundred of them to manage your five a day though!!!!

Off now to enjoy a Friday night

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Crafty Clearout!!!

Had the morning off work today and thought to myself what a good idea it would be to sort out all my craft stuff...haha...one of those seemed like a good idea at the time moments...as I was surrounded by papers and stamps and god knows what else I was thinking maybe I should have just ploughed through the pile of ironing that was evilly making noises at me from the kitchen...Job done though and all clean and tidy in my studio...and have loads of stuff that I will be listing on Ebay over the next week or so...like I said earlier in the week one woman's junk is another woman's treasure...or in my case when you find things you have knowingly had for some time still unopened its time to get rid!!!

Items listed tonight can be found here and will be listing more over the next week or so!!!

Also thinking of selling my Cricut Basic if anyone is interested email me at the above address.

Captured this picture of Harry last night while he was "chilling", he finally let me cut his hair at the weekend and is growing faster and faster everyday...think he is almost the same height as me now and I have to wear heels then!!! He is growing up too and is turning into quite a nice young man...although obviously still has his "teenage" moments....

And congratulations to Jack who is now employed...think he had enough of working for me, the pay wasn`t great and the conditions were appalling!!! He is joining the workforce of the Fast Food Industry...well Maccies anyway and thinks he was hired on his good looks alone...is going to be a shock to the system when he actually has to work for a living I think!!!

Off now to sit in my sparkling clean craft studio and create something beautiful!!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Not again!!!!

Can`t believe it is Sunday Night...again!!!

The weeks are whizzing by at an alarming rate and I know why...because Christmas is only 40 days away....Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

40 days and forty nights and I haven`t even began my shopping yet, although the kids are providing me with lots of lists just to keep me on my toes I think...bless them!!!

I have Harry telling me I can either get him a PSP, Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3...!!! Bloody hell when I was his age think I got a Midi Hifi system....to replace my Alba Glass fronted stereo...Bon Jovi and Guns and Roses blasting out of the speakers and my Dad shouting at me to turn that bloody row down...Oh those were the days, now I have the kids telling me to turn my music down!!!

Had another working weekend, spent yesterday Demonstrating for Heaths Arts and Crafts in Barrow-in Furness....wow even though I had to get up at 4am to be on the train for 6am I had a really good day, met some lovely friendly, crafty people and had a fantastic Demo too. The train ride there was incredible, the scenery honestly took my breath away and really made me think for a moment should I move the kids to the country bring them up on fresh air and fields...only a moments thought though, even though I love the country, I love city life more...love that I can hop onto a train and be shopping in Manchester or Liverpool within 20 minutes!!!

But just look at this.....

This was the view from the train...amazing but not a shop in sight!!!

Because I knew I was going to be travelling for hours and hours I treated myself to a film from i tunes...The Last House on the Left...oh my God...I love Horror films, was brought up on them thanks to my Dad loving them too...this was one of the best films I have seen for a long time, not that I get a chance to watch many but if you are a true horror fan you must watch it!!!

Talking of Horror....look I finally finished my Layout of Mia and I from Halloween

Bought these yesterday too... from some lovely ladies selling their unwanted crafty goods...one woman's junk is another woman's treasure...four 8x8 scrapbooks for £8...bargain!!!

And although I am completely wrecked, my whole body aches and I think I have pulled several muscles in my arms and my back carrying my kit bag, I have an infection in my eye and look like I have been fighting it is that swollen, I have managed to prepare at least one lesson for this week...Christmas countdown calendar....

Finally...if you fancy a job I am seriously considering employing a suitable person to just come and tidy up behind me.....

Please apply below!!!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Will it ever stop raining....

...even though I have a lovely new umbrella, that I am certainly getting my moneys worth out of and means I don`t have to parade around the streets of Warrington with a High School Musical one that I borrowed from Mia, and I have two new pairs of boots that don`t let in water the minute I step foot outside I am beginning to think it is never ever going to stop raining, and straightening my hair every morning just seems like a complete and utter waste of time...I need some sunshine, I need to be able to walk outside in my shades without fearing Mia is going to attack me with her umbrella like she did this morning, or Harry is going to jump in the puddles and splash my jeans...!!!

Rant over!!!

Even though it seems it has rained for forty days and probably forty nights I did have a good day, despite seeing every hour on my clock last night and feeling like my whole body had been wrung out this morning!!!

Had two great classes, one finished today and one started, I have the day off tomorrow although starting a new class tomorrow night and I have just sat and planned all my lessons for Thursday and painted my nails...for the first time in a week!!!

I have a new Christmas crafts class starting on Thursday and I am really looking forward to it, I love Christmas, I love the glitter and the sparkle and decorating my house and I am going to be teaching all this...my house does not smell of cinnamon or Christmas pudding during the festive season but usually of hot glue, where I have just created one more centrepiece or arrangement...baubles beware the glue gun is ready and firing on all cylinders...am going to do bows, wrapping and decorations on my first class....

Can see us getting through several glue sticks on that, and would you believe the Christmas package is an empty washing tablets box!!!

Also planned my jewellery class for Thursday evening...had to be good because my boss is enrolling on the course!!!

...and then had a play with some buttons, been meaning to do this for a while and I quite likes it!!!

Off now to pick up the jump rings that flew everywhere earlier on!!!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Only Monday...

...Feels like it should be at least Wednesday, although saying that if it were I would have blinked and missed my day off!!!

Had a sad day today, my two regular Monday classes finished, and had to say goodbye to lots of lovely people, I have two new ones starting next Monday though...and funnily enough I can`t see me getting the Monday morning blues as my morning class is based in the community room at a local fire station...can see a lot of ladies turning up for that one too!!!

Got another course finishing tomorrow and a new one starting in the afternoon, can`t keep up with my timetable myself at the moment, got another new Jewelery making class starting Wednesday night in a new venue too which I am really looking forward too, I did the promotional work for that myself last week which was a great opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed.

Managed to create a scrapbook page last night too, had this one "in progress" for a while, I had no copies of the pictures so had to work with what I had, but loved the cheeky faces Mia was pulling in them...the pictures are from 2005, so she would have been about 4...aw bless

Close up of the cluster...I like clusters of embellishments...

Have a layout ready to start on my desk at the moment, Mia and I from Halloween last week...got some gorgeous spooky papers to work with so I am off to have a play with that!!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Weekend Winter Wonderland!!!!

Had the busiest week and the busiest weekend, spent the day in Lancaster yesterday over at Cardcraft Uk demonstrating the Cricut machines for Kars...had a fabulous day, as I always do, been to Lancaster a few times and love it, Sandra and Paul are lovely people who always make me feel very welcome and more importantly supply coffee...and lunch!!!

Met some lovely people too and displayed my samples for all to see....

Winter candle.....

Winter Notebook....

Christmas card...

Winter Snowflake display...

Winter wall art....

Loving the blue snowflake paper so much, I don`t usually do Blue at Christmas but love the texture and glitter.

Finished at 5pm last night got to Lancaster station only to be told that there were no trains to Warrington....had to get the train to Preston then get a bus...yes a bus from Preston to Warrington....spent an hour and a half on a bus in the dark on the motorway...finally got home about 8pm...three hours to get from Lancaster to Warrington...is that a record!!! Thank goodness for the grandparents though who had the girls this weekend and meant that I could just slob out when I got home.

Had a wonderful day of rest today...not...obviously had to catch up with all the housework and washing, you know all that exciting stuff that keeps us ladies going, that and planning my lessons for this week and catching up on paperwork...roll on Wednesday...Day off!!!

Okay its only 7pm but I am seriously thinking of hitting my quilt and hiding under it until Monday morning smacks me in the face!!!