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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Lovely Liverpool, and Tears for my Tocca...

Spent a lovely day today in Liverpool, took the whole day off from Est and Mummy duties, got myself on the train and hit the land of the Scousers. I love Liverpool so much I love the shopping, the culture, the vibrancy and the architecture...I really am a city girl at heart!!!

Apart from it throwing it down, which gave me an excuse to use my brand new virgin bright red brolly, being artically cold, that's what leather jackets and sexy scarves were made for and blowing a gale force wind down at the docks, should have worn my hat, fighting with my hair is most frustrating, I had the most fabulous day!!!

I hit Primark with a vengeance...spent a grand total of £40 and came out with two carrier bags brimming with lovely new gorgeousness all for me, (couple of pairs of sexy new jeans, gorgeous new jumpers, lovely new underwear and a very sexy top for my birthday night out next week) and of course you can`t go to Liverpool without a visit to the Papermill shop filling a box full of card for a fiver...bargain, they have some lush new colours in too, pinks and oranges and turquoises...omg total heaven and also the great value studio G alphabet stamp sets for 99p...a couple of those fell into my basket ;-).
Took the camera too...well i am a sad photography student!!! Once the rain had let up the conditions were perfect for photographs, these are my favourites of the day:

However my joy was short lived, even after trying on all my new clothes and feeling fabulous for a pittance...Jeans in Primark are only £8...and I even got some today for £6...now that's a bargain!!!
My new best friend Matt phoned me tonight...Matt of Phones for You....The news is bleak my friends, no amount of eyelash fluttering or trying to make him laugh is going to work...My Lil Samsung Tocca is destined for the little phone heaven, apparently when I accidentally spilt my Malibu and coke on my lil baby on Saturday night It didn`t destroy the phone...nope but it got into the charger unit...oooh apparently this is DETRIMENTAL and my lil phone will never again vibrate in my back pocket, play me my cool music, display my lovely texts messages from my lovely friends and family, show me my gorgeous pictures...so as I wipe a sad little tear from my eye I am already planning my eyelash fluttering speech for the poor rep who answers my call tomorrow at O2...I am planning on begging and if that doesn`t work I may cry...and if all else fails I am going to claim on my house insurance...just checked my policy and I am covered for accidental damage...no mention of Malibu but I am sure that falls under accidental!!!
And I can categorically state now that I don`t like Matt anymore, he told me that he was sure my phone would be fine, worse things have happened to phones and they have been fixed he told me...Matt consider yourself off my Christmas card list mate!!!
And to add insult to injury the repair centre that my lil Tocca is booked into is going to return my phone to me...WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT...that is like a form of torture, yes lets send Est her phone back so she can look at it and do absolutely nothing with it!!!
I am off to soak up my tears for my lil tocca on my bargain cashmere from Primark!!!

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