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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Lubberly Layouts and Lubbery Justin

Just finished these layouts off...tried an 8x11...or whatever size it is...its A4 to me and very American...I have never really fancied this size before but I am quite pleasantly surprised and I think I likes it, although a favourite colour combo always helps. This layout is for a challenge that was set on a Facebook group I belong to called Scraptherapy This is the first challenge and they are all based on scrappin yourself.
I actually took inspiration for this layout by this tattoo that Justin Timberlake has on his chest Est 1976...hubba hubba alert

And conveniently my name is Esther...although most people call me EST...so I put EST 1975 on my layout...how clever ;-)
The journalling around the photo at the bottom is my current roles: Mum, Partner, Friend, Daughter, Sister...and around the top is words that describe me: Funny, Creative, Loyal, Emotional, Determined. The main journalling reads "The most important job in the world to me is being a Mum but as my children are getting older they seem to need me less and less so now begins a period of rediscovery" and this pretty much sums up me at the moment.

This layout is of Ella and the journalling reads "A little birdie told me that you are growing up into a beautiful young lady" Which she bloody well is...do you know i look at my kids sometimes and think how on earth did I manage to create something so beautiful.

thanks for looking xxx

Old Trafford...Hmmm and some Family Pictures!!!

I am not a Manchester United fan in the least...I am a Liverpool girl by default...it makes for a quiet life in our house ;-) but a couple of years ago I went to Old Trafford and had the best time...with My Dad...it was a Russian theme night and was his staff Christmas party in 2005, my Mum was too poorly to attend so I bravely stepped in at the last minute...Russian Dancing, Fire Eaters and lots and lots of Vodka...I think I was very brave!!!

So was looking at the photos today whilst I was visiting my parents...and I want my hair back...I can`t believe how long it was and how much I actually had chopped off when I bravely went for the chop just before Christmas last year...I think I have lost a bit of weight since then as I look a little porky!!! And OMG I searched the whole of Warrington and Manchester for a clip just like that a few weeks ago...Arghhhhhhhhh

Me in 2005...note even then the glass of wine!!!

Me and my Dad

And had a bit of a laugh with the camera today with parents and love these pics

Me and My Mum who makes me feel really tall...love you Mum x

Me and my Dad who makes me feel really small...love you Dad x

My Mum and Dad who were laughing so much I could not get a decent pic of them...I obviously have that effect on people!!!

Me and my little boy who came home yesterday after being away for nearly three weeks...I missed him so much...and yes I know he is not so little but he will always be my baby!!!

Have done lots of work this afternoon...I found my mojo in an overhead compartment near Flixton on the way home from the craft show yesterday!!!
I am just waiting for glues and glazes to dry to take pictures...watch this space...thanks for looking xxx

Friday, 29 August 2008

Manchester Baby...Lorra lorra Laughs

Okay I hit Manchester with a scouser today...My very good friend Diane and I hit the Stitches and Creative Crafts show at Manchester Central and boy have we laughed...and laughed and laughed...I have had the best day...totally awesome, Diane is great company we have spent lots of money and snapped loads of piccies of each other just for fun:

In the queue...OMG why do the British always form orderly queues...this all went wrong once the doors opened and crafty ladies of all ages elbowed their way to the front with their bags on wheels and their programmes!!!

After a quick photography lesson and swapping of numbers a lovely lady in the queue behind us took this photo of Diane and I...this piccie just sums up the whole day fun fun fun!!!

I swear to god I am getting one of these chairs...Diane thought it would be hysterical to raise the foot as high as it would go and lower the back and then leave me...luckily I had the camera...and she did come back eventually to rescue me...I wonder if they do these in pink!!! Ooh and at one point it Vibrated...I swear someone was massaging my bottom...I was hoping Jude Law had sneaked in!!!

Of course being thrifty crafters we bought our own lunch although the food hall did state that ONLY FOOD BOUGHT FROM THESE PREMISES CAN BE CONSUMED HERE...what!!! All the staff looked like they were getting ready to go back to school next week they were that young, and even didn`t challenge us when we asked for napkins...oh the shame...but have you seen the size of those Muffins...all expertly shrink wrapped by Diane.

Diane gets her baps out...well her shrink wrapped muffins anyway!!!
A lovely picture of two of my favourite ladies we bumped into who attend my classes and travel all the way from Wales to Warrington just to come to my workshops, was lovely to see you ladies!!! Hope you didn`t spend as much as we did.

Sometimes size does matter...oooh I love a Big one!!!
Blowing mega kisses
The great thing about going craft shopping with a friend is you can buy one each then split the pack which we did with these gorgeous embossed primas...although While Diane was counting them out I was loosing the will to live!!!
And finally I found this bling sticker and it just summed up the whole day...thanks Diane for a funny funny day
I am off now to stroke my new papers, drool over my new primas, slurp my new stamps and have a well earned glass of wine. Have more photos I will post tomorrow but I think I need to lie down...Oh and just before I go, Diane wore a pedometer today and it told us we walked approximately 2 miles...OMG...!!!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wednesday Waffle

Waffle alert...and not a lubberly belgium one either...ooh that sounds nice!!!
I got home made lemon curd today...TO DIE FOR...thank you Pauline...she really looks after me does my Pauline, when she comes to the classes I teach she brings me sweeties too and todays offerings were fruit ellas...yum...much love to you Pauline xxx
Had a great workshop today, a couple of new ladies came in to learn the fine art of scrapping and hopefully went away with some of my enthusiasm for lush papers and embellishments and now know how to stroke Basic Grey properly!!!...OMG they were total craft virgins and it is so lovely to teach people who are so excited about their new hobby.
Had a fabulous afternoon too...all to myself...no kids no noise and do you know what I did...absolutely nothing and I did not feel guilty at all.
I am off here on Friday to the Stitch and creative crafts show in Manchester baby... with one of my ladies, who is also a very good friend and is very funny too, I am really looking forward to that...That will be twice this week I have hit the Manc Pavements...Lovin it!!!
Watch this space for some very funny photos of us hitting the craft fair!!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Had a Proper family day today!!! We would have packed a picnic lunch...but I really don`t do that...so we spent £15.00 in Sainsburys at Oxford Road in manchester on pre packed butties...oh the shame!!!
Took the kids to the MOSI...or to you and me the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester...One word...BORING...the kids thought it was great but I just realised how much I hate museums...unless they are museums of fashion and shoes and handbags...oh yes then I am in heaven!!!
Luckily I took my camera to alleviate the boredom a little...and then we went shopping...yeah my favourite pastime!!!
These are my fave piccies of the day
Waiting for the train

Harry at the Hilton!!!

Basically...sitting on a wall in front of a steam engine!!!

Sorry But I really love the symmetry of this photo!!!

Unfortunately we couldn`t get in the tardis to transport ourselves to another world!!!

And I know its really late but for my ladies who are booked in on my workshop tomorrow at Edwin Allen this is the double page Layout that we will be doing

OOh and I nearly forgot...I got this in the post this morning, its my prize for the article in this months CardMaking and Papercraft...not opened it yet though...will have a play tomorrow...OMG have just realised they cost £100

Thanks for looking xxx

Monday, 25 August 2008

Bank Holiday Monday Madness!!!

Total madness today...family fun day...chav alert!!!

I won`t bore you with all the details but had to endure total chavness but with lots of wine...which can only be a good thing ;-)...just have to sober up enough for a trip to the pictures tonight...off to watch Dark Night!
Took the camera out with me today, I knew I would need a distraction!!! Had an absolute ball taking piccies...150 in total, these are my favourites of the day though:
Model pose

My Three little babies

Littlewoods exclusive

Cheers my Dears

Me and my favourite Little guy

Harry gets hold of the Camera

My gorgeous lil Girlie

Me and My Guy...Posh and becks eat your heart out!!!

Having a lark

OMG He actually Smiles!!!
Harry in the reeds
Caught Unawares
Loved up!!!
Cheers again!!!
A little rabbit just hopped by!!!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

I Knocked six bells out of two bookcases this morning, tore up all the cardboard boxes that my new PC came in, sorted out the shed and tidied up the front garden so after all that manual labour I thought I would have myself a crafty little afternoon. I had a couple of layouts that I wanted to work on and a wedding card to make for my cousin.

My cousin is only in her twenties so I wanted quite a contemporary card but with a traditional twist, so I came up with this:

This Layout is of my guy and uses the Basic Grey Archaic range which I am still really not sure about. I bought the papers because they are Basic Grey and I love to stroke them but I am not sure I actually like them...I still think they only look good with dinosaurs on them for little boys cards, not to versatile...take heed Basic Grey!!!

This Layout is my my favourite layout for a long time...I love the picture, I loved the day it was taken in Liverpool and I love Liverpool...Oh and I suppose I had better mention that most of all I love my Girlies!!!
Oh and these piccies are my craft studio...before, during and after the crafty afternoon!!!
Before...almost tidy!!!
During...note the coffee and choccie biccies ;-) every scrappers Necessity...and yes that is Scooby Doo on my mug!!!
After!!! Not a single bloody fairy in sight to clear this lot up!!!

Off to cook a Sunday dinner then try and find some little fairies who will be happy to tidy up the mess I made!!!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Sporty Mum!!!

Had a very sporty day today, unfortunately no pictures but I have been on the wii twice and managed to beat my personal best in Boxing...I will be the ultimate fighting champion of the world...and loose the half a stone that I need too ;-)

I have played badmington and football with the kids this afternoon and I am off in a bit for a quick game of tennis and maybe another go on Boxing!!!

I tell you what I am not really a big exercise fan...In fact I really don`t do any unless you count hoovering, washing and ironing...or using the cuttlebug!!! But it is quite addictive and I seem to be getting that energy rush afterwards...I might even go for a run this weekend...will just have to dust off my trainers, thats if I can find them ;-)

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Hey I got some new shoes on and suddenly everythings alright!!!

Anybody who knows me knows I love my shoes...and boots...and as far as I am concerned a girl can never have too many pairs...A quote I have also instilled into both Ella and Mia!!!
Look at these little babies...they are so gorgeous they even say gorgeous on them!!!

They are my brand new babies and I am going to stroke them every night before I go to bed, I am going to talk to them and kiss them and pray to god that when I go to my cousins wedding in a couple of weeks they don`t cripple me for life!!!

I got the bag to match and the dress OMG...a size 6...and I thought I had put weight on...the dress is a strapless little black number with pink flowers embroidered on. So I felt a million dollars wearing all this and cost me a whole lot less.
Happy Happy Est...new shoes makes everything rosy!!!