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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Tired on a Tuesday....

...My Insomnia is Back...With a vengeance, I don`t seem to have much trouble getting to sleep but am waking up in the early hours of the morning unable to get back to sleep. Saturday it was 5.30am, Sunday it was 5 am but this morning it was 3.30am. I am so tired, my eyes sting and I can`t think properly, so today I did what any modern woman would do...I cleaned!!!!

My house is spotless I have dusted the tops of door frames, hoovered lampshades and washed skirting boards...how sad am I!!!

Why do women feel guilty about doing nothing, I really should have got back into bed and snuggled away in dreamland for the day but then I thought I probably wont sleep tonight and I would have felt that I had wasted the day in bed!

And to add to it all I am in a foul temper, probably because I am so tired, everyone is avoiding me or tip toeing round me, and funny things have happened this evening, Anyone who knows me will know there are a few things I don`t do as a mother...

(1) Swimming...because people pee in the water and that's just disgusting, I never have and never will take my kids swimming.

(2) Baking with my kids or eating any goods baked by children...baking is a fantastic way to clean out your fingernails and have you seen how dirty kids nails can be!!!

(3) Reading to my kids, I love to read and they love to read but I never read to them...or do I, Harry took this photograph this afternoon of Mia and I looking at her reading book and I love the look of concentration on her face so maybe I will do it more often now!!!

Today's her space my space Photo prompt is Dip, the kids and I had a picnic in the garden not too long ago when we were not at risk of drowning every time we stepped out the front door and had pringles and apart from making ducks beaks with two of them Pringles were made to Dip!!!

Off now to bathe my poor eyes in optrex!!!

1 comment:

Jenn said...

What a cute "dip" photo!