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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Glitter, Henry V111 and an evening in School!!!

Wow I never thought Henry v111 and glitter would ever be in the same sentence but that's just the kind of day I have had today!

I had a workshop this morning, well I say a workshop it was more like a glitter throwing festival with no holds barred...I walked out after teaching absolutely covered in the stuff the only upside was it was pink glitter and for once I really did sparkle and shine, and I did get my own back by sprinkling a liberal pinch of glitter in a certain someones hair.
Things will only get worse as Christmas is drawing close so more glittery bloody creations.
I would like to name and shame a few of my ladies...just because I said I would and I am a woman of my word!!!
So Valerie and Diane, consider yourselves well and truly shamed with sparkles on...you will each do 100 lines " I will not throw glitter at my teacher, because she sparkles enough" and you will stay behind after the next class, although the amount of craft stuff I have in my workshop that probably would not be seen as a punishment!!!

And on to Henry V111 oh and Edward V1, Mary and Elizabeth 1 ...wow I never thought I would retain as much knowledge about these as I did but have just been helping Harry with his homework all about the religious changes of the Tudor period...he is a sly little sod sometimes, I love History I have like 6 million books on history, from the pre historic era right up to the Second World War. History really interests me I love to know things and research and question, probably because I am a right nosey cow, and the kids know this and use it to their full advantage!!! So even though I have been out most of the evening and at work all day he knew that I wouldn`t be able to resist helping him!!! Kids!!!

Have also been at the girls School this evening for...dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum PARENTS EVENING!!!
This is the school where my daughter is HEAD GIRL...have I mentioned that before ;-)
...and its a big BUT (no not a bottom)

This I was told this evening is a new post...


WOW...My girl did good!!!

So I wont bore you with how wonderful and marvellous my girls are and how well they are doing (gloat gloat) but lets just say I am a very very Proud Mummy tonight and to top it off the Headteacher made sure that Ella, who was recruited as a student helper for the parents evening, had all of her badges proudly displayed on her tie!!!

I am off now to eat Mars Ice creams with my wonderful girlie's...little late night treat for them

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