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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Wednesday`s Wittering`s

It is midway through the week, half way through half term and it really feels like it should be Friday I have had one of those weeks so far where you don`t seem to have five minutes to sit down and do nothing, my to do list is longer than a roll of wallpaper and doesn't seem to be getting any shorter, the kids are off school, and the other half goes back to work tomorrow so I am officially IN CHARGE!!!

Did have a fabulous jewellery making workshop today though and when I got into work I got this great birthday card, hand crafted by Kathy, my boss, who thought it was very apt...left it on my desk in the office while I did my workshop and the very very talented Mr Allen, who owns the Art and Craft Store where I run my workshops, framed it for me as a surprise, how cool is that, so I am going to put it on the wall in my studio because it just about sums me up...If all else fails...shop...that should be my slogan!!!
Have just completed this layout of Mia, done and dusted in about an hour which is pretty good for me, had this fabulous paper which matched her dress in the picture brilliantly.
Look at this Terrific Tangerine Treat:
Now I could Blag on my Blog and tell you all I painstakingly made this, carefully hand dying the coconut frosting, whipping up the butter cream filling, hand drawing and cutting the skull and intricately piping the "Halloween" but no...I nipped to Waterfield`s for my lunch...Pizza and a cream bun...mmmmmmmmmmm....fat alert.....and spotted it in the window, so the kids had it after tea, Oh yes I am up for mother of the year today as I have also sorted out the girls wardrobe tonight...that will be another trip to the charity shop on Saturday, but if I go with my Dad he may treat me to another bacon and egg on toast...mmmmmmmmm......another fat alert!!!
And I forgot to mention earlier but Jack bought me the most beautiful bunch of flowers for my birthday complete with red gerberas...which are my favourite flower in the whole world...look at these beautiful blooms:
and whilst messing with the Super macro setting on my camera earlier I took this photograph which is probably my favourite photograph that I have ever took...apart from ones of the kids obviously:
Off to polish my Mother of the year award!!!

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