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Monday, 27 October 2008

Mayhem in Manchester

OMG what a day I have had today, started off by being incredibly hungover this morning...my birthday yesterday and copious amounts of white wine had to be drunk...well after receiving all this alcohol from my friends it would have been rude not too...just goes to show how well they all know me!!!

I Finally got my weary, hungover backside out of bed, had a couple of cups of strong coffee and some Neurofen...god how did we ever cope before neurofen...and tidied up, god almighty my house was a tip this morning there was literally crap everywhere, went into town to meet one of my friends for coffee, although we ended up having cappachino...yum and a good old giggle. Then got the train into Manchester as I had a vast amount of lubberly birthday money burning a hole in my very gorgeous brand new Jane Norman purse!!!

So Primark saw me coming!!!

Although I only spent £21...not bad for me, although a poor lady collapsed at the till so I am hoping she is okay now, paramedics and panicked staff everywhere and onlookers staring!!!

Then I saw the one and only, the very funny Mr Jimmy Carr himself in the Arndale centre wow he is really tall and very very cool he had a man bag and everything and if I hadn`t been so star struck I would have gone over and asked him for a photo, but I am still trying to get to grips with my new phone and have not sussed out how to take a decent photo on it yet...bloody kicking myself now!!!
Nipped into Boots to purchase some gorgeous new make up because I am a girl who likes her face paint and ended up getting myself a free make up consultation from the very beautiful Lindsey, who is now my new best friend as she colour matched my lubberly new mineral make ups perfectly, have it all on now and I look like a model...you know what I mean!!! she also let me have some great tester freebies and I just love her for making me feel so gorgeous!!!
Went back to Primark to pick a jumper up I was umming and ahhing over earlier and I knew it would match my new mineral eye shadow perfectly and the bloody shop had to be evacuated!!! So stood out in the cold, god was it cold, for half an hour before we were allowed back in!!!
Then my bloody train home was delayed by half an hour so I am stood at the station freezing my butt off thinking how lucky I was not to be getting the train that was delayed by 117 minutes...gotta love public transport!!!
So my birthday yesterday was a lovely day saw all of my family and a lot of my friends and they just made the day so special, loves yah all I got loads of pressies...check out my new stash of goodies...

My bestest friend in the whole wide world came to see me and even agreed to having her photo took with me...sober!!!

Check out my birthday badge that another friend bought for me and insisted I wore on our girlie night out on Saturday...will leave you with this photo that Harry took of me before I went out Saturday...he is getting good at this photography he even knows how to make me laugh and look like I mean it!!!

Off now to maybe have a little after birthday drink!!!

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