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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Busy Busy Me and Oh My God Moment!!!

I am busy...honestly I am, I am not skiving or wagging it as my brother and I used to call it...not that we ever did...Jesus my Mum reads my blog, although she did catch me one day, not red handed but had something to do with a warm kettle when it should have been cold!!! Although that's not as funny as my brother throwing cigarette ends out of his bedroom window...into the garden....Muppet!!!

I have lots of craft projects on the go at the moment but I am either in the middle of creating things or I am working on magazine commissions so I can`t show and tell...maybe a few sneaky peeks tomorrow though ;-)

Ooh I did have one of those awful parent cringing moments earlier on...I am sat at my desk working, I always work with music on through headphones so I can blank out the 23 and a half thousand people that live here...something Mia said earlier...anyway girls were watching something on the TV and a track had just finished on my music player, although remember I still had my headphones in so I am still legally allowed to ignore anyone who speaks to me...and I hear Ella say "Mum what`s a virgin" luckily the next track came on and OH obviously said your mum can`t hear you and he was obviously not going to go into the birds and the bees with her!!!

OH god...I am going to have to do "The Talk" very soon!!!

Anyway before I do that I have craft projects to finish...I am off to get covered in glitter and glue...again!!!

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