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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Her Space My Space...Structure

I have been up since half five this morning but I did sleep solid until then so I am feeling good, better than I have over the last few days, I hate not being able to sleep I get emotional and can`t function properly but today I feel amazing.

Like I say I got up early to finish a commission for the magazine...It has took me about four days of serious grafting to get this one done, although I have had to shout at the kids several times...bloody holidays...I am trying to explain to them that even though I don`t physically leave the house some days I am actually working...It fell on deaf ears until I threatened to remove the PS2 and Xbox from their bedrooms...muwahahahahah!!!...all quiet upstairs now you know.

So the reason I got up so early was to get this commission finished so I could actually spend some time with them this afternoon but its sooooo cold I just want to snuggle so we may end up in front of the telly with a DVD and chocolate mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

So the photo prompt over at her space my space today is Structure...this is the amazing conservatory at Syon Park in Brentford...where I used to live, I absolutely love the structure of this building the architecture is amazing.

History alert.......................

The crowning glory of Syon Park's gardens is the Great Conservatory. The 3rd Duke of Northumberland commissioned Charles Fowler to build a new conservatory in 1826, the first of its kind to be built out of gunmetal, Bath stone and glass. It was originally designed to act as a show house for the Duke's exotic plants and inspired Joseph Paxton in his designs for the Crystal Palace.


Absolutely stunning.

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Cheyne said...

Yes, stunning! Wow!