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Friday, 30 April 2010

Goodness Gracious...Gorjussness....


Sorry I am going to bore you to tears with this stamp I swear but I really love her, I am about to whizz over to Funky Kits and drool over some more stamps but I can`t make up my mind which ones to get...decisions decisions!!!

So I created this mini book...I say mini its about 8x8 inches square...for a couple of my classes this week. That was fun when we ran out of double sided tape I can tell you!!!

Book closed and handmade paper rose...

Book Open....

Close up of the left side....with more hand made paper roses

And close up of the right side with yet more handmade paper roses and my little Gorjuss herself...

So maybe I am going to try another stamp, honestly you would think I only owned one...;-)

Tomorrow I have a demo for Kars over at Hawarden so if you are in the area come and say Hi and find out all about the Cricut and the Slice machines.

Off to enjoy my Friday afternoon off...

Can only mean its time to scrap!!!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

I can tell you are Impressed!!!

Well this can`t be bad can it, another blog post this week!!!

I have the afternoon off work, had a class this morning and have another tonight but a couple of hours off in between cant be bad huh?

Been meaning to blog a couple of layouts that I have recently completed and a couple of pieces of jewellery too...

Here are the layouts, which surprisingly for me are all 12x12, quite liking this size at the moment and makes a change from the 8x8 that I usually do:

A couple of Ella...

Lady....All of a sudden all grown up!!!

Teen...Not quite but practicing hard!!!

One of Ella and I...

Chill...All we could do during the big freeze!!!

And a couple of Mia from her birthday party...


Birthday Girl!

I have missed scrapbooking, not had one of those evenings for a long time where papers are hiding my scissors and I have various embellishments stuck to me...I do have a nice tidy desk now though as I spent the day on Tuesday "sorting" it out...I would post a picture but I have just finished scrapping the "Laugh" layout above and quite honestly its embarrassing!!!

Had a couple of jewellery commissions to do lately, including these...

How gorgeous are those beads?

And finally sourced some spacer tubes which didn`t cost the earth, aren`t they pretty.

Well I am off now for a cup a soup...hooked on them at the moment.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Simply Gorjuss....

My Gorjuss Stamp!!!

I did warn you I would over use it, created three more cards this afternoon with her...

I am off to buy more Gorjuss stamps!!!

April Adventures!!!

I`m finding it hard to believe that yet again it has been almost a month since I blogged, this month has just flown by at an alarming rate!!!

I have been here there and everywhere, you should see all my train tickets, I have had a Kars demo every Saturday this month too, from Carlisle to Knutford, Poulton-Le-Flyde to Northwich, got one more next weekend then I have a whole weekend off.

Also did my first Jewellery Making workshops for Anne-Marie over at Cardcraft Plus in Preston this month, had a really good time and met some lovely ladies and hopefully that's going to be a regular class too. Have you been to the shop...OMG its full of gorgeous lushness, not just craft items either, and its HUGE!!!

So I am going to blog more, even if only a quick post, I have to now because I have been giving out my card to people at my Demonstrations so have to keep up to date and organised!!!

Here are just two little cards that I used on my Demo yesterday in Northwich, loving those stamps, had them a while and I can see them being stamped to death over the next week because I have also bought some more Tim Holtz distress inks and they pair beautifully with them...

And finally...am I the only crafter in the world that doesn`t use Cosmic Shimmer...well I finally gave in yesterday and bought a bottle...just to see what all the fuss is about...okay I am off to play!!!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

You Missed Me?

Wow I can`t believe I have gone so long without a blog post!!!

The last six weeks have been a complete and utter Rollercoaster ride...think the Big one at Blackpool on a much larger scale!!!

Won`t go into all the drama of each episode of the new soap opera "Estenders" but believe me if I had to screen write I would have enough material for several years worth of half hour episodes!!!

I am currently "on Holiday" I use the term loosely because I am exhausted...I can`t wait to get back to work for a rest, I had to do a girly shopping trip with Mia today, who turned 9 a couple of weeks ago, she had birthday money burning holes in every pocket she owns so we hit the hell factory...ooops I mean the Build a Bear...40 bloody quid for a dog...dressed in a pink hoody, Jeans and roller skates!!! Do you know how many items of clothing I could purchase in Primark for 40 quid!!!

So we welcome "Scruff" to our house...the only bonus I can think of is that we wont have to take this dog for walks...obviously because she has skates!!!

Mia and I have just about removed all the bloody fluff from out clothes too...who`s idea was it to wear black today!!!

Okay if you are out and about in Carlisle on Bank Holiday Monday come and say Hi to me at Houghton Hall Garden Centre where I shall be demonstrating the Slice, Cuttlebug and Cricut die cutting machines in the Craft Shop.

Happy Easter everyone