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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Forty Nine Bloody Years!!!!

....So I am sat at the computer earlier on chilling out, after a really busy day of shopping (I only bought myself one pair of shoes), cleaning ( a little) and cardmaking ( a lot), blogging, checking Facebook and enjoying a glass of wine preparing myself for the onslaught of tomorrow...I have agreed to look after my friends five month old baby...why do I do it...I am going to regret it I think ;-) although may take some photos of her little tiny feet because anyone who knows me will know that I love baby toes, those ickle tiny toes awww!!!

Back on track so yep sat at the computer and the conversation goes...

Other half: "have you made that card"

Est: "What card"

Other Half: "The one for My Mum and Dad"

Est: "What"

Other Half: "The Anniversary card"

Est: "Oh shit I forgot when do you want it for"

Other Half: "Tomorrow"

Est: "Shit you are having a laugh aren`t you"

So made this card in less than ten minutes, then realised I didn`t have any envelopes so had to make that too...talk about rush job at the last minute!!!
OMG my In Laws have been married for Forty Nine years...FORTY NINE YEARS...that's a long bloody time when you consider that I am 32 (well 33 in 17 days as the kids very kindly pointed out today...Jesus I think they have a secret birthday advent calendar going on), My Mum is only 51 and my Dad is only 59!!!
I am off now to tidy up my desk...got a baby coming tomorrow and have to put away all my lush papers and embellishments that I don`t want drool or baby sick on...wish me luck!!!

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Jeannette said...

Hi Est, just wanted to say hello. If my calculations are correct your birthday is the day before mine, I'm the 27th just 10 years older (sadly) I also live just down the road, which may actually be a fair way depending on where in Warrington you are. I live in Cadishead, just before Irlam on the A57 toward Eccles.