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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Its a Girl Thing!!!

Grab a cup of coffee this is going to be a long one!!!

When I was a little girl I loved to get dressed up in girly clothes, have my hair done and put on a bit of make up...nothing much has changed there, I still love all that, It just takes longer now to conceal my wrinkles, straighten my hair and decide what to wear, I am, I think, a bit of a girlie girl...not pink and frilly but pretty and feminine, in fact I was talking to a couple of people yesterday and they were talking about my vast array of accessories...accessories I think are very important, they can make or break an outfit...and how if they saw me without all my accessories they would think something was wrong with me!!! I love my scarves and bracelets and big bling rings, flowers and clips and things, Accessorize is one of my favourite shops its like a little Aladdin's cave in there!!!

And when I found out I was having girls I was over the moon...ooh pretty them up in pink and fluff and stuff...

Anyway back on track...Ella and Mia had a disco tonight after school, so I rushed to pick them up and get them home to get changed into their dancing gear...and this is how the next twenty minutes goes
Gets through front door...Girls go upstairs to get changed

Tears upstairs from Ella...up I go...

...Mum I can`t wear this skirt its too short, it`s not short it is just above her knee, Ella is just used to tracksuit pants and trainers !!!

Trying to placate her I say Ella put some shorts on under it, tears and tantrum, I don`t want to wear a skirt...

Okay loosing it slightly we have fifteen minutes to get out the door and between gritted teeth I say...

Put the skirt on Ella...NOW...!!!

Mia carefully says....I love this skirt and top mummy, and I have to admit she looked very pink and pretty then she says Mummy can I wear my hair down....to which I reply no Mia we have not got time to straighten it...Tears from Mia Pleasssssssseeeeeeeeee mummy....oh god she has inherited the eyelash thing from me!!!

Placating again I say how about a ponytail, my girls are not usually allowed to wear ponytails because when they do they always bring nits home!!! Okay Mummy can I have a really high one...OH god more screams and tears as I scrape her hair up and straighten it...ten minutes left...Mia is ready just has to find her boots!!!

Ella comes down Oh that's not fair I want my hair straightened too, more tears more scraping then just as we are about to leave the house running five minutes late More tears from Mia...why...she can`t find her pink sunglasses and Ella is busy trying to tie her up with her scarf...!!!


So we are walking back to the school and Ella is still muttering under her breath about being forced to wear a skirt and how she is being mentally tortured and will probably be scarred for life...I am gritting my teeth still and smiling as I wave them off and breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Forty five minutes later...yes the disco only lasted forty five minutes and I go to collect my little dancing divas...Ella comes out of school all smiles and says to me Mum everyone said I looked really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GIRLS arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Oh and Mum and Dad if I ever gave you that much trouble I apologise now!!!

I am off now to have a very well earned glass of wine!!!

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