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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Mini Baby Book

Created this mini baby girl book using some K and Co papers and my fabulous Bind it all machine, I love that little machine its ingenious.
I love pink and green together they really compliment each other...I just need someone to have a baby girl now!!!

Thanks for looking xxx

Friday, 30 May 2008

Couldn`t Sleep Last Night!!!

Yep the dreaded Insomnia seems to have returned so rather than listening to dearest OH quietly slumbering in his dreamfilled state!!!! I went downstairs and played about with a layout.

I had been sorting through some magazines the other day, from 2006 I think, and I found this gorgeous layout by Kirsty Wiseman in my favourite colour combo, so I cut it out for future reference...
...anyway after a play around and using Kirsty`s layout as inspiration I came up with this, which hasn`t scanned too well because of the big buttons on it! But it is one of very few pictures I have of Mia and I together when she was a baby, can you tell it is usually me behind the camera!!!
Thanks for looking xxx

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Had a bit of a tidy up

On the blog!!!

Had a bit of a general update too, hope it is more pleasing on the eye ;) xxx

Take a look at these little beauties...

Had these frames made to order to display my scrapbook pages...on the wall!!!

Luckily I work in an Arts and Crafts store and the very Talented Mr Mike Allen, who owns the shop, made these for me to my exact specifications...isn`t he grand. I am so pleased with them and they look great on the wall and I love the fact that I can change the layouts in them too.
If you would like to make an inquiry about frames for your pages this is the link with all the contact information.

A Couple of Layouts to share

Have done a bit of scrapbooing lately, not done any for quite a while so it was nice to get back into it, I had some gorgeous new papers but I couldn`t bear to cut into them just yet!

Had a lookie throu some of my papers though and have decided that scrapbook papers are a bit like fashion, what is in one minute is out the next...there are some in my stash that I must have thought were gorgeous at the time but now look just hidious...I am going to try to use them though but when there are so many nice new papers around to stroke..............hmm............
Here are some layouts I have completed recently:
Meet the Diva in her cool shades.
Football Life
Yes Harry takes football this seriously!
Girl about Town
Mia on the train on the way back from the craft show at Aintree.
Some Bunny To Love
Mia`s new Bunny from "build a bear"
Ella my Pom Pom Princess!
Thanks for looking xxx

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Butterfly Mini Garden

Spent the evening constructing a mini garden with Mia...well I did all the glueing with the hot Glue gun and Mia did all the arranging...This is for a school project, to create a miniature garden...so here is our little mini butterfly garden.

And here is the little butterfly princess with her garden.