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Monday, 13 October 2008

Tell me why I don`t Like Monday`s...

"I Don't Like Mondays" was a UK number one single for four weeks in July 1979 Written by Bob Geldof and performed by The Boontown rats it was the band's second number one single...Wow I didn`t know that, I just know it usually comes on at 6.30am every Monday morning when my alarm goes off!!!

Usually I like Monday`s...It is my only full day off in the week and I pack the kids off to school and the Other half off to work after the weekend...serious Est time but today I am very sad :-(

Do you remember this

This was my gorgeous new phone I got a couple of months ago...my beautiful little Samsung Tocca my gorgeous little phone...that not only looked very sexy but reminded me of important events, had lots of precious photos on, had everyone`s contact number , email addy and birthday on, had my favourite music on, and was basically my right arm, well today I had to take it to the little hospital for little phones that are a little bit sick :-(...You see my little Tocca had far too much malibu and coke on Saturday night...and is a little hungover...Yep I dropped drink on my phone...and no I wasn`t drunk, was one of the first drinks of the night that was handed to me and just slipped into my lap onto my little baby...I miss my little touch screen so much...anyway took it into Phones for You today...swallowed my pride and told "Matt" the whole story...he didn`t laugh, he didn`t judge he simply said..."Malibu" and sniffed my phone...god I nearly died laughing, yes my little tocca smells of coconut...anyway when you send your phone away for repairs you get email updates and tonight's email was..."your Samsung Tocca has been booked into the recovery centre" Hope its posh and Priory like!!!

And today's Her Space My Space is Autumn...which is my favourite season of the year, I love to snuggle with my kids on Autumn evenings and I love the crispness of an Autumn morning kicking through leaves and hunting for conkers...This was taken last week, Mia and I snuggling up on a Sunday evening...lovely

Off now to get used to the crappy little motorola I have to use until My Tocca is out of Rehab!!!

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