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Sunday, 5 February 2012

I'm a muppet!!!

It's official....

...my beautiful little iPhone has died a horrible painful slow death....it ended up rather embarrassingly down the toilet on Thursday night, much to the amusement of the guys in the vodadone shop...note to self...do not keep phone in back pocket of jeans!!!

It is currently resting in a box full of rice, I've scoured the Internet and read positive stories of iPhones surviving water damage...and I have a little hope that all will be well, luckily my little blackberry is currently taking over the job of my apple...all this fruit has got to be a good sign!!!
I've lost all my contacts so if you are reading this and you know I had your number please text me!

So this was my last weekend off, I'm back doing classes and demos as of next week, and how did I spend my weekend...watching the snow...well in Warrington we didn't have snow really, we watched ice fall from the sky and lay on our roads and pavements...creating our very own skating rink...the kids were hoping for a snow day tomorrow but after sneaking out for a crafty smoke the ice seems to have melted leaving that horrible muddy slush.

I'm off to Kendal the week after next to My Paper Warehouse to run my first ever workshop there...I'm fully booked :-) which is very exciting and feels immense, I have 20 people booked on my class...how cool is that, I can't wait to meet everyone and get crafty....sneak peek....we are stamping, distressing and die cutting....

Im off now to stroke my apple...it needs a little tlc!!!
Take care
Est xx
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