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Friday, 17 October 2008

Wow it is finally the end of the week, time to chill out over the weekend, recharge and replenish!!!
REALITY CHECK...time to catch up with washing smelly uniforms, ironing, cleaning, shopping and helping the kids with their homework!!! God the joys of parenthood!!!
Have no party plans this weekend I am saving them all for my birthday next week where I am planning a whole weekend of celebration...well you are only 33 once you know!!!
Have to get up at silly o clock tomorrow for a shopping trip into town with my dear old Dad, with any luck he will treat me to a bacon butty. I am off to purchase a book I have seen by Trinny and Susanah which looks mighty fun and WH Smith`s have all their "celeb" books half price this week, which may be handy for a few Christmas pressies too. I also have to buy a new phone (sob) obviously I can`t keep Ella`s motorola forever but I can`t afford to buy me a tocca (sob sob)...so am gonna have a mooch in the CarPhone Warehouse....I am steering well clear of Matt and Phones for You!!!
Unfortunately, I discovered today that my house insurance does not cover malibu soaked toccas and O2 were not very helpful when I telephoned them, I am just grateful that my sim and memory cards were undamaged when my little phone became intoxicated!!!

I have had a funny old day today one of those busy doing nothing days where you are busy all day but don`t feel like you have achieved anything!!! although I did make some candles this morning...that was fun, I have been asked to run a candle making course so have to finish planning that over the weekend, I am looking forward to teaching that too. I added some cinnamon essential oils to one so the house smelt just like Christmas which got me in the mood to make a Christmas card and had some leftover papers on my desk from a layout I completed earlier in the week and came up with this, using my lovely little homespun Tilda again, I can see me using her a lot on my Christmas cards this year she is so damn cute.

Off now to peruse the CarPhone Warehouse website!!!

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