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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Told you I felt Amazing!!!

...and tonight I do....absolutely amazing...I have had a full afternoon of Me Me Me...!!!

Scrapbooking Me that is...and a few others but mainly Me!!!

Managed to complete three layouts this afternoon as the weather was so damn shite and the only film on the telly was Shrek 3...seen it....even the kids were bored and wanted to go upstairs on the Xbox so afternoon of snuggling did not happen!!!

Although we did end up watching the Paul o Grady show together tonight...and we are so getting this and this the kids (and I) think this will be the best Christmas present Santa has ever left in our stocking...am going to buy it at the weekend, can`t wait to play the drums...I always wanted a drum kit!!!

Mr O Grady also had The Script on the show tonight I got the album for my birthday but Oh My God...Hubba Hubba...Danny O'Donaghue...OMG he is gorgeous loook...and he sings like an angel too...I will be waiting on the corner of the street for him I can tell you!!!

Okay back on track...one afternoon, three layouts...

Layout Number one...


Me in the Pub, August bank holiday Monday, doing what I do best on bank holidays...drinking wine!!!

Papers are gorgeous and from Prima INC and journalling reads:

"Mines a Pinot! Cool crisp dry white wine; Ice cold...Cheers!

Layout number two...

"Too Girly to be an Emo"

Which I am, I like pink too much...hence the pink layout

and layout number three...

"Here come the Girls"

Tongue in (cherry flavoured) cheek layout of my birthday night out

Journalling reads:

"Girls night out for my 33rd birthday...into town for dancing and drinking Cherry VK...Do you know that stuff stains your tongue"

Off now to dream of Danny O'Donaghue waiting for me on the corner of a street!!!

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