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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy Birthday Ella!!!

Finally a teenager Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

Although she seems to have been practising for a couple of years now!!!

Short blog post tonight but I promise to get back into blogging properly soon, I am just up to my crafty little eyes with glitter and baubles teaching ten Christmas Craft classes a week for the college!!!

I have my weekends back now though as my Kars Demo`s have finished for the year, will miss those but maybe not the early mornings, now I can stay snuggled in my duvet on a Saturday morning until the postman wakes me up as I am planning on doing all my Christmas shopping online and parcels are bound to be delivered at ungodly hours on a Saturday!!!

Off now to munch on some Birthday cake....mmmm!!!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Cheap Chomper!!!

Well that`s it...My holiday is almost over, just one more day off and that's already reserved for housework and the weekly shop...BORING!!!

To soften the blow a little I headed up to the QVC outlet store in Birchwood details here to hopefully pick up a bargain or two....woo hoo, I have never ever managed to pick up anything remotely interesting....until today, even though that November rain lingers, and that hair of mine is still kinky I managed to bag myself one of these....

Its called a "corner chomper" and it will round the corners of chipboard and has a photo corner design too...and guess what...under £2...yep the bargainaliscious price of £1.99!!!!

Then I spotted a We are Memory Keepers Scrapbook pack...18 papers, three lots of assorted stickers and glitter brads...£2.99..guess what...I bought two packs ;-)

And because I am lazy and haven't took a picture this is all I could find...

So less than £8 spent and I got new stuff to play with...oops that's alongside the stash that arrived from Ebay today...I am just out of control!!!

I am demonstrating the Cuttlebug using the Creatables and the Nellies Frames on Saturday at the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel...honestly, Its a craft event for Heaths of Barrow I would have loved to stay over but I have another Demo on Sunday in Poynton at the Hazel Grove Art Shop demonstrating the new Slice Elite, Cuttlebug and Cricut...and then back to work for the college on Monday.

I have six Christmas Craft courses starting throughout the Warrington area so if anyone would like any details of course content, venues and times just drop me an email.

I am off now to play with my chomper...that almost sounds rude...and to chomp Quavers...they taste curly and are oh so more-ish mmmm!!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

November Rain...

...Makes my hair go kinky and thats a fact, I can spend ten minutes wrestling with the hair straighteners every single morning only to step outside the door in the winter damp weather and my ends flick right back up, sometimes I wonder why I even bother!!!

I am glad I did today though, because even though Warrington was murky and damp Mia and I went shopping in Liverpool and it was beautiful sunshine over there. She had an Insect day...inset to the rest of us...and found it highly amusing to wind up Harry and Ella this morning because they had to go to school...not sure where she gets her sense of humour from!

And on the way home she began the conversation....
...Mummy, I have had a lovely day today thank you (which translates SHEESH did you really spend that much money on me!!!)...
...to which I replied, you are welcome Mia I have had a lovely day too (translating into Oh my God my purse is groaning)
Then she continued with this little gem...
...Wouldn`t it be great if Mr Williams (head teacher) texted you tomorrow and said we had the rest of the week off..................................!!!!!
NO...i replied I can`t afford it, to which she smirks clutching her Primark booty!!!

Despite having to sell half of my belongings to fund her shopping habit it was lovely to spend the day with her, she makes me laugh, she is beautiful, loving and witty and a pleasure to be with....

I have been crafting too...mainly to get over the shock of how much money Mia can spend in Primark...I have obviously taught her well...
Inspired By Mel on Friday at a Breast Cancer Make and Take day we both took part in I created this...its not quite finished, I have to put some finishing touches to it....

and I have also created this... a gift voucher card....

I can see me creating a few of these for Christmas.
Have to go and...you guessed it... tidy my desk!!!