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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Lovely Boozy Lady wot Lunches today

Sat in a friends garden this afternoon in the rain drinking wine!!! It was so hot and we were under a parasol but it just seemed so bizarre to be drinking outside in the day in the rain!!!

So I am officially a "Lady Wot Lunches"

Had the most relaxing day though, my friend is childless but adores my children and has lots planned for them to do when we visit...leaving me to booze away and flick through mags...read a fabulous article on how to de clutter...read the same article about ten years ago...god do these magazines ever come up with original ideas but it has inspired me to throw a load of shite away, mainly belonging to other half and kids, I certainly could not bear to part with any of my shoes, handbags or clothes...they are not clutter they are essential items and if removed would have a detrimental effect on everyone...coz I would be so peeved and impossible to live with!!!

My friend has an amazing "green" garden...mine is all uber mod with painted fences, gravel, potted plants and white stones...but hers is like a jungle and snapped a few piccies of the kids while we were there...between showers...tip for anyone wanting to take photographs of kids lying down...don`t wear white jeans...I have grass stains on mine that will need explaining later!!!

These are my favourite shots from today:

And this is my favourite dessert in the whole world...that my friend served us after lunch...strawberries with Jelly and ice cream...and chocolate sauce....yummmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee...I know I am a big kid!!!

I am off now to top up the alcohol levels!!!
Thanks for looking xxx

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Viva La Diva

I am listening to this album by Coldplay at the moment...but more often than not just tracks 7 and 8...which totally ROCK but need to be played at FULL volume...with any luck when I put it on later I will wake the inconsiderate neighbours!!! I am not usually a big fan of Coldplay but I have been converted!!!

Inconsideration but a fit and fabby day!!!

I had the grand total of two hours sleep last night due to the inconsideration of some new neighbours...who decided a midweek pool party would be a grand idea...until about 4am this morning...that is when the police arrived I think...There was so much effing and jeffing going on from other neighbours I didn`t like to join in!!!
So I finally got to sleep at about 4.30am and then my alarm went off at 6.30am....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Had a great day today though, have the possibility of a new and exciting job, got a few craft freebies and got called fit too ;-) and all this happened after I had a great workshop!!! Which involved 3D quilling today and made the cutest little fairies which I forgot to photograph...Duh I am such a muppet but I am blaming sleep deprivation!
OMG Ella`s cheerleading team had a recruitment day this evening and I went along with Mia, who was desparate to join, Harry tagged along too and he joined in and has signed up...to be a flyer, which is the one that gets thrown through the air at the greatest of speed...He looked fantastic like he had been doing it for years. SO the whole gang are now cheerleaders, well apart from Jack who refused point blank to have anything to do with it!!!
Had a lurvely guest for tea this evening too had some laughs and a good old chat!
And am off to lunch with a very good friend tomorrow who I have not seen for a very long time so we have lots to catch up on.

Completed this layout yesterday of Mia using some of the scrummy new Papermania papers...which I did stroke before I hacked into them!!!

And this is a sneaky peek of one of the cards in next weeks Christmas acetate workshop at Edwin Allen...which booked up in about ten minutes and has around 2000 people on the waiting list...slight exageration there but the workshop is due to be repeated in September

Thanks for looking xxx

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sizzling Sunday Sunshine

I spent the afternoon today helping out at a fundraising event for my daughters cheerleading squad in the glorious sunshine...and have the stinging shoulders now to prove it!!!

I have been teaching the girls over the past few weeks some craft projects and they were selling these, pieces of jewellery, cards and phone charms, to raise money to help buy new equipment and uniforms, along with face painting, hair braiding and a good old car boot sale.
They had to also perform twice, a Pom Pom dance and then the stunts and tumbles and they were all superb and should be very proud of themselves as they are such a dedicated bunch of girls.
During the day the girls also lifted some audience members...and Mia got to "fly" for a little while, although she looked absolutely terrified she went back for a second go...and is attending the recruitment day to become a fully fledged Angel member!!!

Playing with the pom poms before we went

Me and my lil baby girl in the sunshine

My Little Angel

One Two Three...Up
And away!!!

Daddy`s Girl!!

I am off now to rub some heavy duty aftersun into my glowing shoulders...thanks for looking xxx

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Loverly Lambanana Liverpool and the Sunshine

Had an impromptu visit to Liverpool today...had not planned it but when I got up...at stupid o clock this morning... the sun was shining and my camera was begging for a day trip...so off the girls and I and my lil bro trotted to Liverpool...home of the Lambanana...and not just one lambanana but hundreds of them all over the city...as you can see...

Even managed a colour co-ordinated one here!!!

The weather was gorgeous...so much so I have sunburn...in July in England almost unheard of but tis true, I have strap marks to prove it!!!
We walked all around the Albert Dock while I clicked away with my lubberly camera...even the Mersey looked good with the light reflecting off the water...I love Liverpool so much for the shopping and the culture and the fabulous architecture...I love the mix of the really old buildings nestled between the newer structures and I love taking pictures here.

Anchors away!!!

Ella struts her stuff with Billy Fury...

Then we headed into the town centre for a good old McDonalds lunch...we really know how to posh it up us Gundry`s..then a lil trip to Primark...another £20 spent...another two carrier bags of clothes to fit in our wardrobes... and a wander round the town centre where I captured these fabulous pics
This very lovely gentleman was playing the most beautiful music with his stringed instrument, I told Ella to go stand near him while I took a photie and he let her have a go, It was amazing to listen too very soft and perfect for relaxing to...very talented musician.
Quick lesson...

...and away she goes...

These lovely ladies were advertising the upcoming Creamfields music festival and very kindly allowed me to take their photo with Ella too...Their costumes and make up were absolutely fantastic.

And sat having a sneaky ice cream...I know after a Mc Donalds too...I captured this gorgeous building against the fabulous clear blue sky...note the tree growing out of the top!!!

Freaky man outside H&M...just your average shopper!!! Unfortunately the girls were too freaked out by him to go and stand next to him for Mum`s photo`s!!!

And finally this is the Kensington regeneration project...these houses are all due to be demolished and instead of the usual dismal boarding up they have been covered with some pretty cool artwork...loving it

Lovely Lovely day...thanks lil bro and gorgeous girlies xxxx

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Fake Friday!!!

God it feels like Friday today...I have had the best day in Manchester...shopping...My most favourite past time in the whole wide world. I got me some new cowboy boots...Ye Ha... finally, mine have given up after being worn Sooooooooooo many times...the bloody sole fell off so found some lip smackingly, strokeable gorgeous ones in New Look and took them home to mama!!!

Also hit Primark with a vengeance...I know this store has some bad publicity but the clothes are out of this world cheap...my total bill came to £24 and I got a pair of jeans, two skirts, a dress, a top and a bracelet...Bargain!!! Makes up for the fact that I spent £25 on one top last week!
Had the most scrumdidly lunch too Salmon and asparagus salad with little baby potatoes that tasted out of this world...Even Gordon would not have found fault with it! Too yummy for words...the salmon not Gordon although I would love to be his wife and have him cook for me every night!!!
All hail Gordon!!!
The only drawback of the day was being slowly steamed to perfection in the train on the way home...I swear I was about to turn into a puddle when the train finally pulled into my station and I could get off and climb up yet another flight of stairs...bringing on yet another major coughing fit at the top!!!
So Esther is finally quiet...gasp...and all it takes is this lingering bug...I can hardly talk as my breath catches in my chest and I cough up thirty years of shite from my lungs...So for all those people who said to me last week "You need to go to the Doctors" I am going tomorrow...as long as there is not a two week waiting list!!!
I am off now to open a bottle of cough medicine and have a spoonful of wine!!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


What is the purpose of a Wednesday...hmm...weekend is ages off and it`s only the middle of the week..ha ha...not for me My weekend starts here!!!
Kids broke up from school today finally, I think they were the last kids in the world to still be in school, and I have a lie in planned tomorrow...on a Thursday...devilish!!!
OH is off work so we do not have to get up at the crack of dawn which is good news for me and my chest...yep I still have the bug and I think I have also developed narcolepsy as I keep falling asleep every time I sit down!!! Luckily I managed to stay awake through the whole of my workshop today although I may have well been asleep as I was pants...again, at one point I couldn`t talk as I was coughing too much sorry ladies, although I swear they were all trying to make me laugh on purpose so it would make me cough!!!
I have spent this evening designing a CHRISTMAS acetate workshop!!! I know Christmas in July but I have Xmas classes starting in August, how sad is that, however all my classes for next month are fully booked so everyone must be planning on completing their Chrimbo cards early...unlike me who is usually still making mine on Christmas Eve...usually under the influence of Santa`s Pinot!!!
Completed this layout of Jack last night, I really am not sure about these Basic Grey papers...shock I usually lurve basic grey and kiss and stroke their papers but this range really has me sat on the fence! This photo is of Jack and is only from about this time last year but he looks so much more grown up now...check out the post below for his latest look!!! I am loving those white rub ons though...the skull is by Creative Imaginations and the wording is Lettraset.
...little tip for you...
I have some of the pre decorated chipboard letters by Papermania and I am not that keen on them, but if you pull off the top decorated layer you are left with blank chipboard letters, I painted my "J" with black acrylic paint and then 3D dimensional glaze then once glaze was dry added stitched effect with white sukura pen...BTW managed to rescue my cricut mat from Mondays spillage of glaze!!!
The journalling reads "Emo boy is your nickname at home, "Gundy is your nickname at school"
Thanks for looking xxx

Monday, 21 July 2008

Been for a lark in the Park....

...with my boys...
I desparately tried to get some work done this morning but I just could not concentrate properly, everything went wrong and the final crunch came when I managed to tip half a bottle of 3D Dimensional glaze all over my Cricut mat!!!
So I had to get out in the fresh air...and sunshine...OMG it was real sun too, not the fake one that hides behind clouds!!!!
So off Jack,Harry and I toddled to the park for a lark about and to take some piccies, had to give Jack a quick lesson in photography but I don`t think he has done too bad for a first timer!
This is my favourite photo of me that Jack took...just chilling in the garden before our lark in the park...if only the sun had been hiding those frown lines would have been too!!!

This is my favourite photo of Jack that I took...who by the way is very photogenic and will do whatever I ask him to for the sake of a good photo. Bless him he climbed onto the top of a four foot rock just so I could get the sky behind him...

Harry...who had a quick photography lesson last week...took these of Jack and I...and yes Jack is taller than me!!!

...and finally a very very rare shot of my fella...who hates having his photo taken because he detests the flash going off in his eyes...managed to persuade him to have a couple taken outside last night and this is my favourite...

thanks for looking xxx

Sunday, 20 July 2008

I Feel Good...................

.................I Knew that I would!!!!

I slept until 10.30am this morning after sitting up late watching Hostel 2...omg watched Hostel last week and thought that was quite fab but the second one should be a reason why they do not make sequels...what a pile of tripe!!! So it feels so good to have had a decent nights sleep where I didn`t keep half of Warrington and the surrounding areas awake with my hack of a cough! The kids and OH are out and I have a bit of time to myself after spending a few hours with Family.
OOh you really could hear a pin drop here.
Have created a layout and a card today, layout features my gorgeous girlies and the journalling reads Such Natural Beauty...how long will that last before the make up and hair do`s!!!
I am not looking forward to my girls being teenagers!!! I think they are already in training...several years early, in fact Ella (10) has the stamping up the stairs and slamming her bedroom door perfected even more than I did at 16!!!!

Have used flocking on the chipboard title...I am a converted Flocker!!!
And then because I really am a good girl ;-) (honest) I created this sweet little card with all the leftovers from the layout.

And for anyone who wants to know the cute little bird is a stamp and I got it here

Thanks for looking xxx

Saturday, 19 July 2008

On A bit of a roll now

Had myself a perfect afternoon crafting in the peace and quiet...I had the house to myself ALL afternoon and apart from being rudely interupted by the TESCO home delivery man (and then having to put the shopping away!!!) I sat for about three glorious hours creating!
Unfortunately this happened:

But despite all that chaos I managed to create this layout which is one of the photographs that the fabulous Kirsty Wiseman insited on taking of me. I love these scrumptious new papers too, manufactured by SEI they are double sided and are foiled too. I really like their papers at the moment. The plain cardstock I have used is my new favourite card...core-dinations...beats Bazzil hands down, which was my previous favourite but is in the second league now as it does not have that all important core!!!

The journalling on this reads...

"I don`t always look this good! Airbrushed by Kirsty. June 2008"

And then being a true Cardmaker/Scrapbooker I used all the bits I had left over and came up with this:

You could say I have had a blue day today!!!

Well Turquoise and green anyway...off now to complete another layout...good old pink this time!!!

I have made some cards

Oh the shock and shame of it, I have not done any crafting for over a week...I know its been that long because I couldn`t find my X-cuts today and they were still in my teaching bag...from last Friday!!! Okay I do have the excuse that I have been ill but I can`t believe it has been a week since I made anything. I feel so much better physically today but I am exhausted from lack of sleep, my bed looked very inviting while I was upstairs just now!!!

Okay this morning I finally got my backside in gear, got out my new stash of Core-dinations...omg this card is to die for, you can sand it, tear it, emboss it and the core is a contrasting or tonal colour... yummmmmmeeeeee...I am so easily pleased sometimes!!! I also had a stash of flocking, now I have never used this before and had a little play and personally have decided I like it better when it is stuck with a dry adhesive...just call me a double sided tape girl...so to make some little embellies I have stuck some DST on some card, die cut it and then peeled away the backing to reveal the adhesive...stick on your flock and voila...little flocked flowers! Be warned though this stuff goes everywhere and my desk is now covered in a light sprinkling of white flock. I have also stuck DST directly onto a card to add a "flocked ribbon".
So all the ladies that are booked into my workshop on Wednesday at Edwin Allen These are the cards you will be making...using Core-dinations and flocking and...cutting apertures...yes with a craft knife!!!

Oh and have a look at this little beauty, I love it nearly as much as my new camera...Introducing my new phone....

Tis called a "Tocca" and I am having a bit of trouble getting to grips with the "touch screen" but I will get the hang of it...eventually!!!

Thanks for looking I am off to do some scrapping now xxx

Friday, 18 July 2008

Sniff Sniff, Sneeze Sneeze, Cough Cough!!!

I still have this nasty little bug, I say bug but I think there are hundreds of them taking over my body and rendering me completely useless...I had to cancel a class tonight because there was no way I could even face the thought of standing up in front of 15 teenagers and being in control...I hate being ill...I hate not being able to run up some stairs or walk down Oxford street without needing an extra large cannister of oxygen to return my breathing and heart rate to normal levels...Argggggggggggggg...

I have been ill for FOUR days...I have got NO work done, I can`t be bothered with my new phone, which is seriously annoying me...I just want to be able to function...My survival kit instead of double sided tape, scissors and an abundance of Basic Grey Papers are these:

and these which were bought for me today by a very sweet friend...

I am planning on working ALL weekend, I have two workshops and a couple of classes to prepare all for next week...But I did manage to get my little hands on some Coredinations card which I am very excited about and I have a couple of Jars of fun flock to play with too. I need to get some scrapbooking done too...250+ pictures taken last weekend are begging to be played with...watch this space!!!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I have a bug

...and this is how I feel...like little men are inside me wringing all the energy and vitality out of me...I did the ironing earlier this evening then had to sit down, and promptly fell asleep...Then I had to cook tea, had to have a little sit down after that too. I have a horrible hacking cough that when starts little men are hammering at my ribs and spine with picks and axes...But apart from that I am okay...good to go.
I was teaching today and was totally rubbish, I just did not have the energy to be enthusiastic about it so for anyone who attended my class who is reading this I am sorry.
I am meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow and I have a shopping trip with another friend planned on Friday ... I have to get better I am a lady wot lunches!!!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Harry and My Camera

Harry, my twelve year old, and I went for a lovely walk on Sunday, making the most of the sunshine and my beautiful new camera, I gave him a quick lesson in photography and we had such fun taking photos of each other and the park, these are my favourites:
Taken by me:

Taken by Harry

Thanks for looking xxx