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Monday, 19 July 2010

Its almost here...


Honestly, I have it on good authority, even though it seems to have rained for forty days and forty nights...about seven if I am honest but I am so sick of the rain as is everyone else I imagine, there is nothing summery about having to wear boots and carrying an umbrella everywhere you go...today however...the sun came out, long enough for me to get excited run upstairs and put on the new maxi dress I bought last week and have been unable to wear because of the wet stuff falling constantly from the sky!!!

Then I proceeded to walk up to the school to pick up Mia all floaty like...think the chocolate Flake advert on Television...and the heavens opened...me in floaty maxi dress and flip flops...luckily I had the said umbrella...so not a good look!!!

The kids break up from school tomorrow, Mia unfortunately has to do a full day whilst Harry and Ella are currently winding her up because they only have to stay in school until 12.15...what is the point, and they have a non uniform day too, so I washed their uniforms and blazers at the weekend for one bloody day!!!

Made this thank you card today for Mia`s teacher, glimmer misted the little roses and yes I still have it on my hands...I tell you that stuff really takes a hold, I have the most beautiful nail varnish effect!!!

Am secretly a little bit pleased because Mia moves up to year five in September and she has a teacher that all my other three have had, and I really like her and she doesn't even read my blog so I didn't even have to say that!!!

Okay off now to bathe my arm in some "after bite" Ive been bitten by a nasty little bug and have what looks like a golf ball growing in my arm...not pretty I can tell you!!!

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Its so Quiet.....!!!

Kids are all out but all due to return very soon, crashing through the front door quite possibly full of vigour and energy when I am trying to chill, always the way huh!!!

I have finally relented and been out with Ella today and bought...Hair Dye...is 12 too young to start dying your hair?...hmmm, when she is almost as tall as me it seems to be getting harder and harder to argue with her, I have convinced her that black like mine is probably not a good idea for the first time so we selected a rather scrumptious chocolate brown...wish me luck!!!

The main reason I relented is that she has just completed her first year in High School and despite all the phone calls home regarding the length of her trousers...I KNOW...apparently three quarter trousers, very sensibly teamed with thick black tights and sensible shoes are deemed inappropriate school wear!!! Anyway she bought her school report home yesterday...dum dum dum dum....and its fantastic...and I knew after reading the first page it would cost me so hence the agreeing to the hair dye, she has proven that she can be responsible and mature at school setting a high example of how a young lady should behave so I could hardly say no could I?

Had the strangest week this week, all my classes are finishing up now until September, have two more next week then I am off for the summer, top up tan time...if it ever stops raining, I am over at CardCraft Plus on Wednesday though in Preston running a Jewellery Class and in Chorley on Saturday running a Kars Demo, I have several card and jewellery commissions to do too so I really should be working...however its Saturday and I want to chill out with chocolate and chilli heatwave crisp...not together of course...hmm but then again!!!

So its the end of the school year on Tuesday...TUESDAY what an insane day to finish school, luckily as there is only Mia left in Primary school I only have one teachers gift to sort out...and organised or what its sorted...Altered coffee jar with some yummmm....believe me they are...cappuccinos inside:

And created this layout of my Nan last week, have spoke about her an awful lot lately it seems so it seemed fitting to scrapbook this beautiful photograph of her looking immaculately glamorous...

I miss her more than I ever thought I would, I would love to chat to her about all the things my kids get up to and listen to her laugh at the latest drama I was dealing with.

Off now to Internet shop...I need some new stamps I think!!!

Saturday, 10 July 2010


My Little blog has been spotted!!!
By the scrumptious dotcomgiftshop
Who have the most amazing gorgeous gifts for sale, they have compiled a list of 101 "Lovely Craft Blog" and mine is there!!!
Over on there blog they have also featured one of my cards too, Happy-Est!!!

Its currently "Stupid O Clock" on Sunday morning...and I have already done a weeks worth of ironing and watered the garden...obviously with a watering can because of the hose pipe ban!!!
I can`t sleep because I have a hack of a cough :-(

So I am off now to do some blog hopping before any one of the kids wakes up and demands to use the computer!!!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Its been a while....

...Since I blogged...Sorry!!!

Got a lot on with work and being a student you know ;-)...so much that I have a 2000 word essay that needs to be handed in on Wednesday...ARGHH!!!

So yesterday like a good student...not...I worked....was over in Lancaster for the day demonstrating, had a lovely time, met some lovely people and even got cream cakes too mmm mmm, I didn`t even do my homework on the train, on the way there I read my book and on the way home I struggled very hard to stay awake, luckily for me I did as the last stop after Warrington is London Euston...I think that might have taken some explaining back home ;-), thank goodness for the guy with the bottle of fizzy pop behind me that woke me up!!!

Got home last night about 6.15 last night and then left again about 6.20 as I was doing the photos for a friend at her Wedding reception, have just finished editing them and am going to deliver them shortly, but I know she won`t mind me sharing this one...

...I just love how much love is in that picture without even seeing their faces...beautiful!

Kim and Aggie haven`t been round all week to clean my house, bloody dire I tell you, even the Housework Fairies are on strike too, although I did leave Harry a little note yesterday mentioning a certain electrical appliance known as the hoover and a carefully selected piece of material also known as the duster...and blow me down he actually did it...the hoovering and dusting...the power of the written word!!!

So I have spent this afternoon creating this for a friends birthday in a few weeks...shhh its a secret...

Off now to rescue my chicken from the oven and to bang in some roast potatoes...mmm I love Sundays!!!