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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Wednesday Workshop and I can be Emo!!!

Okay ladies if you are booked into my Jewellery workshop tomorrow this is the gorgeous little number you will be creating, with some very lush new beads that I ordered last week. Sorry it took so long to post a picture but if the truth be told I only finished making it ten minutes ago...at least I am honest!!!

And while I was uploading the picture of the turquoise delight arm candy OMG I had completely forgotten about Sunday nights shenanigan's...the kids and I very late had a bit of a lark...well a lot of a lark actually, I really would not like to live next door to me sometimes!!!

Jack and I decided I could be an Emo...because his jacket fits me...and he could be well basically a woman because my jacket fits him...just think if he was a girl we would be fighting over each others clothes, although funnily enough whilst I was busy shopping in Manchester yesterday the other half did all the ironing...I know even I was surprised and had to sit down for a few minutes, but he had left all mine on the bed and amongst it were a pair of Jacks jeans!!!
So back to Sunday...Jack as me and me as Jack.....the upsetting thing is Jack looks as good in my jacket as I do and I just look shite in his!!!
Then after nearly breaking my back giving him a piggy back...he is taller than me...he insisted I sit cross legged on the Dining room table so he could take emo poses of me...
And I just love this photo...because it took me about ten minutes to convince Mia that she really does love Harry and to get this close to him...even though "boys smell"
Off to create something delicious for tea because I am starving!!!

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