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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

My Lil Baby came home to me today!!!

So I am sat at the dining room table this morning surrounded by all manner of paperwork from the Inland Revenue, Bank statements, receipts and takeaway menus not sure why they were in my tax file but they were...perhaps I thought I would get peckish while I was having such a taxing time!!!

So I am trying to complete my self assessment which is due in 9 DAYS (arghhhhhhhhhhhh)

I have ticked 20,000 boxes, added my income details, my assets, my inside leg measurement and my bra size...not really but it feels like it and ...Bang Bang Bang....door goes....Mr Pat is there...as in Postman Pat with a "signed for" parcel and my little heart sinks...normally I get lovely craft stash in parcels like this But I knew what was inside before I even signed my name.

It`s my little Tocca, my lovely little phone has been allowed to come home...to sit on top of my fridge in bubble wrap just to tease me and taunt me (sob) and when I opened it up, not sure why I did that because I know its not going to work, the faint whiff of coconut filled the air!!!

So I am like so totally over it....nearly, I have a new phone that I nearly love, but what made me laugh was the letter they sent with my phone and especially this paragraph:

"An engineer at the Manufacturers Repair Centre has examined your phone and discovered that the problem is related to liquid or moisture damage and isn`t a manufacturing defect. This doesn`t necessarily mean that your phone has been submerged (e.g. dropped in a pond or washing bowl), it may have resulted from excessive condensation build up. we are sorry to inform you that your phone has been deemed to be beyond economical repair and this type of damage can`t be repaired."

Laugh I nearly cried laughing...No mate my phone got drunk on Malibu and coke and died from alcoholic poisoning!!!

At least I can see the funny side!!!

So I think I finally got my Tax Return sorted this morning, giving myself brainache, headache and probably an ulcer with worry and stress...their slogan is Tax doesn`t have to be taxing...yeah if you can afford to pay someone to do it I would imagine its pretty painless...!!!

Off now to double check that I can claim a box of Pinot under my Tax expenses!!!!

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