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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Summer Sunshine....and....

Is it really only Tuesday!!!

I feel like it should be Thursday at the very least, the four days I had off work seem a dim and distant memory away, the alarm clock keeps waking me up at silly o clock and the weather is absolutely gorgeous, the kind where you want to be pottering in the garden or chilling in a pub garden letting the sunshine warm your skin, listening to a nice chillout album and chatting with friends...Summertime and the living is easy...well it should be!!!

Have already taught four classes this week, had a lovely day today though here did two classes; Jewellery this morning and Candle Making this afternoon, met some lovely students and had the most delicious homemade French Country Vegetable soup in the little cafe, the staff here are all so friendly and welcoming and I look forward to going back.

Got to phone the dentist tomorrow too...had the most dreadful toothache for the past few days...one of those that is probably increasing the profits of Neurofen again!!! Phoned the dentist today at about 3pm for an Emergency appointment, I thought my face was falling off the pain was that bad at that point...drugs wearing off...and the receptionist informed me that emergency appointments could only be made at 9am...okay makes a bit of sense, obviously only so many slots can be held for these appointments but what happens if your toothache starts at 10am...is it only an emergency if you have suffered with it for X amount of hours!!! Whats the betting that when I phone at 9am the line is engaged for twenty minutes and when I finally get through all the appointments will have been taken for the day!!! Okay rant over...Only another hour before my next dose of Painkillers can be taken!!!

Have been doing a bit of cardmaking over the last couple of days and finally finished them all off tonight, not made cards for a while really because I am usually making jewellery samples or scrapbook layouts so was nice just to kick back and chill, finally used some of my new stamps and paper scraps too...

Will have to get used to the cardmaking too because I received a magazine commission this week...for Christmas Cards...Groan...I know, summer heat and I have to design Christmas cards!!!

Okay I am off now to carefully line up my painkillers ready for 10pm!!!

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Geoff Riley said...

What did I say about Christmas cards earlier today? Hmmm? :)