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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Beady Envy!!!

Oh yes...there is such a thing, had a jewellery class today and one of my students bought their beads in...OMG, Pandora style, cats eyes, glass lamp work beads...me I was like a child in a sweet shop!!!

Fortunately I was given a list of suppliers for these beautiful little items...hmmm this could be expensive!!!

Finally found my Mojo...was hiding at the bottom of my handbag and came fluttering out earlier this evening in time for me to create this little beauty for my Workshop tomorrow:

God I love turquoise so much...can you tell!!!

I also love purple at the moment too...which is damn lucky because that's what colour my ears are...bloody hair dye!!!

Off to Brillo pad my ears and hunt for gorgeous new beads!!!

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