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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Busy little me!!!

God what a day...up at stupid o clock again...bloody toothache...even interrupts my sleep!!!

So had one of those days where you look back in the evening and think god did I really manage to do all that in one day...cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping for teaching materials, paperwork, lesson planning and cooking a Sunday dinner too...Yep I am up for SuperMum award again...although that's in the bag after last nights Eton Mess...oh you should have heard my kids...this simple little dessert was described as "fit" and "mint" simple things eh!!!

Been lesson planning this evening and have come up with these to teach tomorrow...god I am so organised...only trying to take my mind off the fact that my face feels like it is falling off!!!

Beautiful glass beaded bracelet for my jewellery class tomorrow

Turkey stitch, blanket stitch and butterfly stitch techniques for my embroidery class tomorrow...crap picture though sorry...rain equals bad light for photos...although if I have my way the new Panasonic Lumix will be in my tender little hands by next weekend oh yeah baby!!!

Had to "nip" to Hobbycraft earlier to buy supplies for all my new classes, why is it that when I "nip" to Hobbycraft I come out nearly £100 poorer...luckily I bill college for my materials but these two little beauties also fell into my basket ;-)

This book is absolutely beautiful, would not recommend it for beginners though as there are no instructions just jam packed full of the most delicious photographs of stunning beads and beadwork.

And I loved flicking through this book so much that I just thought oh to hell with it I am going to buy it, its full of really innovative craft projects..stamping on shoes for one...now I have never stamped on shoes before...watch this space!!!

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