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Friday, 26 June 2009

I am a Bad Girl!!!

Very very bad!!!

I made a promise...a vow not to buy any more crafty items until I had used more of what I already had......but then I had an email from David and Brenda....and I broke my promise...I am such a bad girl but if you check this out you will see why I faltered and got out my debit card ;-)

Also hit Ebay tonight and ordered myself a couple of new 12 x 12 albums, well if I am honest three in total...oops think I got a bit carried away there but I have about ten pages completed just sat on a shelf needing a home so I really "needed" them...honest ;-)

Despite being such a bad girl tonight I had the most fabulous day teaching jewellery making, two classes today, the afternoon class being at St Rocco`s Hospice where I have the loveliest group of students, some of the staff sat in today too and they want me to run some evening classes for them complete with wine and nibbles...my job is the best...spent the afternoon laughing...proper belly laughs and managed a bit of teaching too!!!

Have a busy day ahead tomorrow, the fair is in town...oh yeah...and I am probably gonna be ripped off big time but it is an excuse to get the camera out and take some fab pics of the kids looking terrified on the rides...muwahahaha...

Off now to check out how many albums I can fit on my shelves without rearranging anything!!!

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