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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Sew its Saturday!!!

I know two posts in one day...well when you have been up as long as I have!!!

Been into town today, retail therapy...just about the best therapy in the world...especially when I got exactly what I wanted, a new pair of jeans. Now I am a bit fussy when it comes to jeans, they have to be tight, I hate bagginess especially on the bum, they cant flare too much and they have to be a certain shade of blue, they have to sit on my hips and they have to reach the floor when I am barefoot...told you I was fussy!!! So the first pair I tried on met all the above criteria and came with the most gorgeous belt too and they were half price...so happy that I bought a jacket too, then a shirt that I totally fell in love with!!!

Then had to do the shopping....BORING.....But I bought some gorgeous vintage style tea towels reduced in Asda came home and turned two of them into a cushion and a little canvas bag!!!


Kids think I have just about totally lost the plot now..."Mum you bought tea towels and you are cutting them up"
Ella is kicking herself now because she wants me to make her one of the little tote bags...hmmm secretly I made that one for her but I will let her stew a little longer muwahahahaha!!!
Feel like I have a bit of making up to do to them as I have been so horrible with my toothache this week, which is still around although more like a constant dull ache now which is bearable until I eat then I have to be peeled of the ceiling, so I have made them Eton Mess for after tea tonight, saw it on Come Dine With Me last night and though mmmm yummmmy so created them earlier and they are nestling quite happily in the fridge....

Off now to put away my sewing machine for another six months!!!!


Geoff Riley said...

Oh Est, the Eton Mess looks soooo good... I just want, no need, to have some of it now!

Jo said...

Your bag is just genius! Love it.
(love Eton mess too!)