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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Systematized Sunday....

...Now that is a lovely word wouldn`t you agree...Systematized...(you like that one Geoff?)

I am so bloody organised I don`t quite know what has happened!!!

Most people who know me know that I would like to be organised but it doesn`t happen very often...until today...I slept really badly last night, even though I only had about three hours sleep the night before, I kept waking up and had to get up a couple of times to take painkillers because my thighs felt like they had lead weights crushing them...I can barely walk and am so tired and weepy...I really need to get fit I think ;-)...anyway to take my mind off feeling so bad I decided I would spend the day working...and I have planned every single lesson for this week and completed all my paperwork too!!!

Yes that would be all my lessons and I am also running four mini workshops this week that I have also planned...even I can`t believe how organised I am.

My Scrapbook layout for Thursdays class:

A little tag to attach to the strawberry sundae candles we will be making in my candle making class on Tuesday:

Detached chain stitch daisies on a greetings card for my embroidery class tomorrow:

Crimped wire earrings for my jewellery class tomorrow:

Can you tell the difference in my pictures...was it worth me spending all that money on my beautiful new camera that I have been "playing" with today?

Oh my God I love it, I love the way I can manually adjust the zoom, love how it feels in my hands and I love the noise it makes when I take a picture...I know I am a sad gadget freak....I can`t wait to have a proper play on Wednesday, have the day off and am planning to take it out for a little trip before I have my hair done...oh yes long overdue for a cut and got a half price voucher for one of the posh salons in town for taking part in the Starlight walk...phoned up yesterday and am booked in with Jack who will be styling my hair...I can`t wait!!!

Had a bit of a play with it today, obviously still an amateur but I love these pictures of Ella, who by the way had a fabulous time away with the school and got up to all sorts of amazing activities that I would have loved to have a go at...fencing, quad biking, raft building...but who also bought home the most amazing pile of washing as I predicted...my poor washing machine is exhausted!!!

Strike a pose...

there`s nothing to it...


Okay I am off now, I have a date, a date with a family size bar of Cadbury`s fruit and nut, a glass of Pinot, a terrible glossy magazine and my quilt...now that's how to relax!!!

1 comment:

Geoff Riley said...

Systematized.... hmmm... I think I'd prefer it with an 's', the 'z' seems soooooo.. well, American. LOL

Systematised: arranged into a system, I would guess...

So how systematised have you remained since then? ;)