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Thursday, 11 June 2009


...Yep I have it...apparently according to my students!

Not because I have an urge to steal...honestly...but because if I am showing a student a particular technique with one of their tools then I tend to walk away with it, usually a pencil or a craft knife or a pair of scissors...Its not intentional...Honest

So I have had a really good day today, taught a scrapbooking class this morning, one of those classes where I just didn`t stop, running around like a lunatic, I love classes like that, where everyone is busy scrapping their precious memories and I am playing a part in helping them to preserve them, such an honour and usually a damn good laugh too!!!

Then had another class this afternoon, a brand new Jewellery class with new students all beginners, it is so lovely to teach people with no prior knowledge or experience and watch them walk away from your lesson happy and excited that they have learnt a new skill, and usually wearing a rather delicious piece of arm candy too!!! That's why I became a teacher, and that's what I love most about teaching, that and the fact I can have a damn good laugh with my students...I love my job.

OOOh and guess what...I have new additions to my home...some of my new beads arrived today, ooh and they are pretty, so pretty I don`t want to use them I just want to sit and stroke them and nestle them in pretty little boxes...!!!

Well wouldn`t you...

my new cats eyes...so delicious...

So although I taught two fabulous classes today I have also been working from home before, in between and after...have a Magazine deadline for Monday that I only remembered yesterday...good job I work so well under pressure...cards are all done, and will be in the October issue...as long as I remember to post them.

Off now to tidy this little lot up...