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Sunday, 14 June 2009

What a Wonderful Weekend

Oh Yes I have had the best weekend for a long time, the weather has been glorious and I have chilled, drank, eaten and shopped!!!

Spent Friday night at a party, a friend of mine is emigrating to Australia and it was her leaving do, and the band performed too, was in a local pub so only had to stagger home afterwards...and my Dad came out too, because I had promised to treat him to a pint...that turned into two but he did reciprocate and bought me a glass of wine, he also wanted to see the band perform because I have been raving about them so much...He liked them...and I am surprised he did because he spent most of my teenage years telling me to "turn that bloody row down"!!!

I love this picture that my bessie friend took of me and my Dad...

So woke up yesterday with a monster hangover...ooh it was bad and I didn`t even drink that much but didn't have too much to eat Friday and was the end of a really busy week so I am blaming that!!! The worst thing about having a hangover is your kids...and the noise they make...and the fact that you had promised to spend the day shopping with your 11 year old daughter!!!

So after knocking back my body weight in water and popping a couple of the little magical neurofen Ella and I finally hit town!!!

The reason I had promised to take her shopping is she is off tomorrow for a five day adventure holiday with the school...going to be quiet in our house...so she had a list as long as my arm of all the things she "needed" and being in the delicate state I was I agreed to all of it...and paid for it too...think my little cashcard was groaning by the end of the day...not sure she really "needed" half of what she did but was just lovely to spend the day with her alone before she goes away, she is turning into a lovely young lady, don`t get me wrong she is hormonal and gobby at times but she is also great fun, has a wicked sense of humour and is pretty intelligent too. We ended up in the little Italian restaurant we love for lunch as a little treat. So her suitcase is packed, her labels wrote and she is giddy with excitement...me I am just feeling a little "oh my baby is going away!!!"

And today has been just the loveliest day...spent the morning working on lesson plans, got two new courses starting this week, Jewellery Making and Embroidery, so had to plan and design those and came up with these samples:

Embroidery...little "corsage" that I have used to embellish a gift bag, sewed a brooch finding to the back too

And Jewellery class...making bead cages with wire...god I love how this bracelet turned out with my scrummy new beads

Then went to the pub for lunch with the kids and rather surprisingly went back to the pub for tea...because it was such a lovely evening and it seemed such a shame to be sitting inside when we could sit in the beer garden drinking...orange juice...yes I was honestly!!!
Feeling all chilled out and prepared for the week ahead, all my lessons are planned and I am looking forward to a whole day off...yes a WHOLE day off work on Wednesday...off shopping to treat myself to a new camera...going SLR finally and considering either the Panasonic Lumix G1 or the Nikon D60....hmm they are both so beautiful....decisions decisions!!!
Also have my starlight walk next weekend, raising money for the most fantastic Hospice in Warrington, where I also run a jewellery making class in the daycare unit, the staff here are so wonderful making the clients stay as comfortable as possible and injecting compassion, empathy and humour into their care. I spent the most amazing afternoon on Friday teaching the most amazing people so if you want to sponsor me to help raise funds for this incredible facility please click on my fundraising link to the right...many thanks.

Off now to work my way through a rather nice chilled glass of Pinot to see out a wonderful weekend.

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the girls! said...

no day off for craftaholics!if we can't have one neither can you!!!Should be designing things for the club!!