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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Wonderful Walking Day Weekend!!!

Not quite 13 miles but yesterday was Padgate Walking day...a traditional parade that takes place every year, and a bloody good excuse to have a really good play with my new camera too, the girls were walking with their school and as Ella is in her final year this was her last walking day...and she did it in style looking so grown up next to Mia.

The streets of Padgate were alive with music and the atmosphere was electric;

After the walk we all went to the fair...luckily no goldfish were won this year but yes I was completely ripped on all the rides but had an absolute scream...literally, on the twister I really thought me and the kids were going to die...its been a while since I have been on a scary fairground ride...last time I think was when I was about 18 and I remember being on a ride with Jacks Dad and my Brother and they were both screaming for their Mummy's!!!

I have injuries too...the kids were leaning that hard against me in the ride that I have horrendous purple bruising on my shoulder...oh the pain!!!

Being in the dodgems reminds me why I don`t drive...laughing too hard to actually steer them and I think Harry crashed into Ella and I far more than we crashed into him!!!

Now that's my kind of car...does all the steering and gear changing for you and not a bloody clutch in sight...and it comes in pink!!!

I love this shot of Mia mid air, I tried so hard to capture shots like this on my compact but when my new baby SLR takes three photos a second I was bound to get one like this...only had to take twenty to achieve it ;-)

I can`t believe she is screaming on an inflatable slide!!!

Close up of me in the sunshine...outside the pub, taken by Phil...My best friends fella and also my favourite of the "Selfish Lovers"

And here I am with my favourite selfish lover...outside the pub!!!

So we ended up in a local pub when we left the fair, the kids were in their element...bouncy castle, swings and pool...mum was in her element too...my friends were there and they did not run out off wine!!! Got home really late as it was such a lovely evening, apart from a flash downpour which left the bouncy castle a little slippery and everyone running inside with their hands over their drinks!!!

Off now to trawl through the 290 photographs I took yesterday and try to decide which ones I want to scrapbook!!!

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