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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Sun will Shine....

...Tomorrow and if it doesn`t then I will still be happy because I have the day off, I am going to buy me a beautiful new camera...think I have finally decided on this one!!!

It is a little beauty, apparently the perfect introduction to SLR photography and I can`t wait to play, just hoping it is in stock when I go to purchase, that would be just my luck!!!

Had a fabulous day today, a full days teaching at the Oaks centre in Penketh and had even more students turn up at my classes, I am tired though, spent an hour going through Mia`s hair with the bloody nit comb again and then another two hours doing paperwork...new courses mean enrolment forms which means loads of paperwork for me...the only downside to my job, and I have to nip into work in the morning...yes I know on my day off...to hand in all the paperwork and collect my expenses...oh yeah baby!!!

Off now to enjoy a glass of Pinot seeing as I don`t have to get up too early tomorrow!!!

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