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Monday, 29 June 2009

Hot hot hot!!!

The weather that is, oh my god how lovely would it be to sit in the sunshine all day doing nothing instead of working...its very hard to teach embroidery and jewellery making when you are all hot and sweaty and the rooms you are in have no air conditioning...oooh now that would be lovely.

This morning wasn`t too bad, nice relaxing embroidery class and we were sat in a rather cool room with a lovely breeze flowing through, we made these cards, I had forgotten how much I enjoy prick and stitch cards, and none of my students had done them before so its always lovely to teach a new technique...

However my poor students this afternoon were melting in the heat and Est had designed a rather intricate bracelet with seed beads and beading nylon...muwahahaha.

Taught Mia last night how to make Eton Mess and a fine job she did too, must say I was a bit dubious about her using the kitchen knives but with close supervision she excelled...think I have a little Delia there...

Off now to wash my hands in cold water...yet again...its the best way to cool your body temperature down quickly...well it beats sitting in a bath of ice anyway!!!

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