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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Tooth Tales!!!

Hey Guess what...I phoned the dentist at 9am this morning and got an appointment...which was damn luck because I was in such a state today at work, apologies to my lady who walked in on me whilst I had my head in my hands crying with pain, waiting again for the painkillers to kick in, not only am I getting really frustrated with this I am bored of it too.

Went to the Dentist this afternoon anyway and I have an infection...why do they always ask if its tender while your head is tilted at the most unnatural angle, your mouth is wide open and they are prodding your source of agony with a super sharp implement!!!

I agreed with him once I had been peeled off the ceiling!!! So yeah infectious me...and super huge red pills, technically known as antibiotics or horse pills as they resemble, Jesus they really are big...ten days of 1000 mg a day...OMG supposed to be going to watch the band on Friday and Saturday night...drinking water is just so not Rock and Roll

To cheer my miserable arse up today I bought these in a second hand sale at work...Spent a whole £2.75 on two brand new stamps and two mini scrapbook kits.

Back teaching a scrapbooking class tomorrow too and will be doing this layout incorporating mini pockets;

Off now to try and swallow one of the Big Red Pills without choking!!!

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