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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hair Today!!!

I love my hair!!!

Jack has "restyled" me...I was shampooed, conditioned, cut, dried and straightened and my hair is so sleek and gorgeous...had a fair bit hacked away, my layers on top are now a quarter the length they were but I love it...apparently I straighten it too much (every day...with hair like mine its far kinder to the world to do this) and use the wrong dye!!!

If you straighten your hair its best to use a semi permanent colour rather than a permanent because the straightening process causes the cuticles to wear away and this is where your colour tends to fade if using a permanent, semi`s contain far more conditioners causing the colour to lock in...hey how scientific is that...so headed over to Boots flicking my glam new hair and purchased a semi permanent "Black Cherry" which no doubt will stain the bath, my neck and my nails at the weekend!!!

So I had a lovely day off in the sunshine...the last day off I had it poured with rain all day and my fake tan ran!!! I finished this layout of me this morning, using just paper scraps. Picture is from Friday night:

Had a little play with my camera this morning too because the sun was shining so beautifully and managed to capture these flower shots from my hanging baskets:

I also managed to buy myself a book on Digital SLR photography so will be referencing that a fair bit I think, I can`t wait to understand all the settings on my new baby and know when to use them. Ooh and I got a new top and jewellery and make up too ;-), well it was pay day yesterday!!!

Jack officially left school today, and also found out that he has got an A in one of his GCSE`s...very very proud Mum...well done Jack!!!

Okay I am off to rub some after sun into my burnt bits...yes I have got burnt again!!!

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