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Saturday, 20 June 2009

I would walk five thousand miles....

...and I would walk five thousand more...That Bloody Proclaimers song has been going round in my head all day and when they wrote that they obviously hadn't actually walked that far because if they had they would know that just 13 miles is enough to make your whole body scream in pain!!!

Starlight sponsored walk completed last night...started at midnight and finally crossed the finish line at 4.30am...oh god it is amazing how one minute your body feels like it going to completely shut down and then the adrenaline pumps through it and forces you on...and the complete and utter shite you talk about with your mates whilst trying to pass the time and ignore the fact that your thighs feel like they are on fire!!! I really feel like I achieved something last night and for such a great cause too...1900 ladies walked and collectively we raised approximately £180,000...how cool is that, the final figure will be released in a few weeks and its estimated to be over £200,000!!!

So here is my lovely medal that we were presented with for completing the walk.

My friend and I raring to go...

and before we left...

Ella captured this quirky pic of me that is begging to be scrapbooked!!!

So I finally walked through my door at 5.30am this morning...the birds were singing, it was daylight and I was sober!!!
Got to bed at just after six and was up again for 10 so now I am flagging a bit especially as I have spent most of the day in town buying fathers day presents, although did end up in the little Italian restaurant with the kids for lunch!!!

However I did pay a little visit to the camera shop and had a very long chat about the pros and cons of a few gorgeous SLR`s with a very nice man who really knew his stuff and didn`t try to con me into spending more money than I needed to. Guess who has a lovely new camera...yep Me...and its a little beauty, the battery is charging as we speak and I can`t wait to play around with my new baby.....

Isn`t she lovely, I got a great deal and a memory card, uv filter and a bag thrown in too...even in the shattered state I was in I can still manage a little eyelash fluttering!!!

I am off now for a very well earned glass of Pinot, sink my aching feet into my footspa...god that sounds so 80`s...and read my camera manual...I did tell you I was a geek!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice choice of camera, which A-model is it? Bought myself A300 just after Christmas and have been very happy with it. I only wish my skills were better so I could take the full advantage of it...

Geoff Riley said...

Well done Esther: 13 miles in 4.5 hours is good going... you weren't hanging around chuck! :)

You really earned that medal.

Love the new camera... I bet you've got a good home lined up for the old one too! lol