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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Summer Sunshine and Shopping!!!

Well the weekend is almost over, the sun is still shining, I have had four days off work and enjoyed every single one of them.

Took my girls and my lovely niece to Liverpool yesterday for a bit of shopping and girly giggles, it was a beautiful day, we really have been lucky with the weather the last few days...do we make the most of it or is it going to last!!!

So Saturday in Primark...OMG...I think the world and his wife were in there, we spent a whopping two hours browsing and trying clothes on and laughing and just generally having a really good girly time. Bought myself a gorgeous new dress which I wore when I went out last night...getting to be a hardcore rock and roll girl I am!!! Yep lugging amps about again but the band were amazing...again...they in a bigger venue this week, the sound was incredible. There was a guy on before them on an acoustic guitar and he performed Paolo Nutini`s Last Request which is still my favourite song in the whole world...he sung it so beautifully I had goose bumps...love that song.

So I rolled home in the early hours of this morning and slept until lunchtime...holiday over now though, have to be up with the birds in the morning, back to work, which I am actually looking forward to as I have two fabulous classes tomorrow; Embroidery and Jewellery making.

Took lots of photos yesterday in Liverpool and these are my favourite

Waiting for the train

Down on the Docks

A little Princess and Sleeping Beauty

Off now to enjoy the last of the weekend!!!

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