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Monday, 22 June 2009

Monday Mutterings!!!

Talk about being eased gently into the week, I taught four classes today...one embroidery and three jewellery and I am shattered, had a fabulous day though, we are having a "Time for Yourself" week at work and all the staff get to participate in mini classes that are offered throughout the college, unfortunately I don`t have time to take part in any of these as I am teaching eight of them but met some great people today and was discussing with them that although we all work for the same employer we didn`t really know each other so it was lovely to meet some colleagues and get to teach them too. The result of this...more classes for me, teaching in the evenings starting next week!!!

Also had the dreaded phone call today...from the school...Mia is poorly and laying on the couch as we speak, its times like this that I wonder if being a working mum is really the best thing, I got the phone call from the receptionist, both me and her dad were working all day, my Mum and Dad were off on holiday today and all I could think was my little baby is poorly...Grandad to the rescue...so between classes I nipped to Grandads with a change of clothes, her slippers and her beloved "cassie" the soft toy she takes to bed with her every night...walked in and was greeted with a torrent of vomit all over my trousers...aw bless...so trying to calm her and scrub at my pants at the same time...who said having kids was easy!!!

Just want to say a great big thank you to everyone who sponsored me or has donated to my sponsor fund, my running total is almost £200 so feel like every ache was worth it...going to a fantastic cause and hoping to hand all the money in on Friday.

Off now to chill with the latest Scrapbook Inspirations magazine and work out how I could have possible spent £50 on beads in Hobbycraft this evening!!!

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