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Monday, 15 June 2009

Something`s Missing....

...Its oh so quiet...

...eerily quiet...

You know when that quiet descends and you realise something is not quite right...like when the kids are repainting your carpet with gloss paint, yep one of Harry and Ella's little masterpieces when they were little!!!

Ella has left the building!!!

Surprising how just one child out of four makes an immense difference to the dynamics of the house, she has departed on her adventure holiday with the school and will no doubt return on Friday with half a lake, a forest and god knows what else attached to her clothes!!! I am not sure I even want to put my washing machine through such torture!!!

So no teary goodbyes this morning...I am made of tougher stuff than that you know!!!

I went off to work and had the most marvellous day today, my two new courses started: Embroidery nice and relaxing this morning then a chaotic Jewellery class this afternoon, had about 20 students turn up and it was an absolute blast, I didn`t stop and I loved it. Had about six newbies too...virgin Jewellery makers as they are referred to in my class...!!!

Off now to finish preparing for my classes tomorrow and to try and figure out just how it is that Ella can possible make as much noise as she does!!!

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