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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I was so right!!!

...Last nights little look at the bead sites did prove expensive....but I have some lovely little beauties winging their way to their new home as we speak...I am eagerly awaiting their arrival...my jewellery pliers are ready for action to get to grips with my new pandora, lampwork and cats eye beads...oh yes...watch this space!!!

Have been busy this evening preparing for my scrapbooking class tomorrow, its so lovely having ink finally for my printer and having instant access to my photographs...all 53 million of them...well maybe a slight exaggeration but I do take an awful lot of photos...had the camera out tonight, after I sent Harry to the shop for new batteries, I really must invest in some rechargeable`s as it is costing me a small fortune replacing them all the time.

Took lots of pictures of Mia because she looked so beautiful with her hair cascading down her back...the reason it was down is because she has bought bloody Nits home from school AGAIN...been in to the school tonight to inform her teacher that they keep hitching a ride with Mia...Result...nit letters will be distributed!!!

So these are my favourite pictures from tonight...

Completed this layout in about 30 minutes, one of those that just fell together...saw the quote somewhere a while ago and knew it would fit this photo perfectly...

And this is My Dude...who by the way at 16 is the best Dude in the world...Jack has a "thing" at the moment of taking pictures of himself in mirrors with his iphone...he does it everywhere...not sure why but wanted to record it for him...This is what I am teaching tomorrow...multi photo layouts...

Got to tidy up my creative disarray now!!! Nah its just a bloody mess...oooh and there is men in little shorts to be lushing over in the England match soon too ;-).

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